Suggestions for New Body Recomp Stack

Hi I am trying to build a stack to start with. I have heard only good things about Biotest supplements. I want something to loose fat and gain muscle so I was thinking:

Alpha Male

Is this good so far ? And also is Plazma a pre workout ?

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@Itsdanny32, those three supplements are great for your goals and make a solid stack.

Plazma is a pre and during workout supplement. Prepare your drink, then start drinking about 20min before you start training. It gets into your system quickly, you want to be sure you’ve got great fuel for training ready to go when you get there. I aim to be about half way through my Plazma when I start training. Then, sip the rest throughout your workout, finish it up as you’re nearing the end. This will help fuel you throughout your entire session, and the protein in Plazma will also help with recovery and gains.

Keep in mind these supplements are fantastic, however, they will really shine as long as your nutrition and training are executed consistently. If fat loss is a primary goal, your nutrition will be absolutely paramount in getting you there. It is certainly possible to lose some fat and gain some muscle at the same time, but training, nutrition, etc., all has to be on point, in addition to your supplements.

Hope this helps, please be sure to post with any additional questions.

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