Suggestions for Improvements

I’ve been a consistent customer of Spike Energy drinks for a number of years with very good results for energy, however two issues have continually concerned me, the use of Sucralose and coloring. Any plans to remove both and use Stevia as a better sweetener and clear or non-artificial coloring using natural flavorings? I’d like to stay with Spike, however I’m now searching for alternatives because of these two nagging issues.

Also another suggestion is to add or create a new flavor option using green tea & guarana. I’d like know of plans for Spike improvements.

As far as I know, there are no plans to change the formulas in those regards. Changing the sweetener, particularly, would likely change the overall flavor which would, of course, cause riots the likes we haven’t seen since 'Quila Lime was discontinued. :wink:

Really though, I can definitely understand some people wanting to reduce artificial flavors and sweeteners as much as possible, but in the big picture, one 4-16oz Spike per day isn’t anything to be concerned about.

Not sure how those two would act as flavors, but they would bring in a variable with the caffeine content. Since Spike already contains a potent dose of caffeine, there’s no benefit (and some clear potential drawbacks) to including other caffeine sources.

If you meant using green tea/guarana as the caffeine source, then you’re getting into issue of standardization and making sure they consistently deliver the same dose of caffeine with each batch, which is an added step and likely an added cost.

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