Suggestion for Finibar

Hi, im a big fan of Biotest products and i have a suggestion, can biotest in a close future upgrade the finibar without the whey protein concentrate because for people that suffer of lactose intolerant is not pretty good so PLZ just make Finibar friendly for lactose intolerant people like myself.

p.d: i use SWF, Mag10, Indigo so the only piece that i want and im missing is the Finibar :frowning: i want the full stack ! HAHAHAHAH )



Personally I think one of the biggest benefits of the Finibar is that it DOES have the 15g protein, it’s a one-stop pre workout meal. Sorry about your lactose intolerance though!

yea but I think that the 15g protein could be done without the whey protein concentrate… I guess! or not?

Well I guess it could technically, but to accommodate the lactose intolerant it would have to be like soy protein or something like that, which is what you’ll typically find in low quality protein bars and is certainly not an ideal protein source. Whey is where it’s at, I’m sorry you can’t have it. I certainly wouldn’t have the love for my Finibars that I do if they contained any other protein except high quality whey from Biotest.

you’re right in some point but I still believe that is possible to just cut out the whey protein concentrate and just put the same amount of the concentrate of just pure quality whey protein isolate … dont you think it will make it better? just add more whey isolate and cut off the concentrate? for me it will be more easy to digest for any one i guess maybe im wrong or maybe not.

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