Sugar Withdrawal on V-Diet?

My girlfirend started the V-Diet yesterday. She is a total sugar addict and is now suffering some severe sugar withdrawl symptoms, headaches and nausea. I remember back when I was doing Keto that there were some supplements that helps take the edge off this, but can’t find the info. Does any have any ideas?

Also, she wanted to do it and it turned out to be lousy timing for me as I am in the middle of a really heavy lifting phase. I thought it was really mean to eat solid food in front of her so I said I would do the liquid diet but not restrict my calories down to the V-Diet level (don’t want to be a poisonous partner). I have been adding whole milk, extra fish and flax oil, and extra peanut butter to my shakes. Anyone have any other ideas on how to boost my calories in the 5 shakes I have in a day?

A couple of different angles here…
I am doing the V-Diet right now, and I would say I was also a severe sugar addict (ice cream, chocolate, and cheesecake were my weaknesses). I expereinced similar symptoms, as well as jitteriness and moodiness, but then realized that it was the lack of carbs that my body was used to getting, not the sugar itself. I just pushed through it and am fine now. I can sit and watch my friend eat chocolate cake and only have limited temptations.

Which brings me to my second point. The diet is supposed to test your ability to control yourself. While you may choose to have a shake or 2 with her througout the day, completely removing food from her presense isn’t really bolsteirng one of the the purposes of the diet, which is to help a person refrain from binge eating and simply learn to be ok with saying no.

Sounds mean, but you could just “not let” her have any food if she tries. She will appreciate it in the end because then she will be able to be around it and say no.

The best supplement for this is a miracle drug called “Willpower”. It is available at most fine establishments.

And EAT in front of her, your not doing anything mean. Whenever I did this I went out with my friends to places to eat all the time just to get used to it. You can’t HIDE from food, you can just tell yourself not to eat it though.

Willpower is what we are working with right now. She is tough so she will make it. I was just trying to find something to take the edge off the carb cravings. I think it was one of the Keto books that talked about Glutamine helping. I gave her a couple doses today as it cant hurt anything and can help many other things.

I am not eating in front of her. It is obvious she is going through some detox right now. Feels a little ill and is moody. Cried and begged last night for a bowl of all-bran. All-bran is my cereal–she hates all-bran. Definitely not the emotional time to tempt her.

She broke down last night and said for all this suffering she better had lost some weight. I was trying to stop her by saying it has only been 2 days, but she got on it anyway and had lost 4 pounds. She shut up then.

Remind her that it is only a month of “suffering,” and I wouldn’t even extend it that long. It’s tough at first, but how long has she wanted to lose weight? More than a month I bet…that’s suffering too, extended, uneeded suffering. Remind her of that.

And when she gets tempted remind her that if she cheats all of her suffering will have gone to waste, and she will feel like crap if she does - empowered if she doesn’t.

Why doesn’t she join the Forum here? It’s helpful, to say the least!

Well my GF quit the diet. I can’t blame her, she actually passed out at the gym yesterday–like smelling salts to revive her passed out. Luckly it was on a bench at the end of her work-out. Through a little water downed gatorade in her and it helped.

One possitve come out of it is that she readily admits that she is now a sugar addict and needs to cut the shit out of her daily diet. She is going to eat my basic meat, veggies, nut

Scarry stuff though. She lost 7lbs in about six day. Visually noticable differences. Insane weight loss. Total waves of nausea during the whole experience. She was following the diet to a T, so I can’t figure out what is wrong with her system that caused here to go down. I went back and checked her calorie intake, right at 1320. Any ideas?

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