Sugar Substitute in Ice Cream Recipe?

Hello CHris,
I’d love to try this recipe:

as I want to use more coconut milk and cream instead of dairy.

I don’t use Splenda, so how much stevia should I use instead of the cup of white sugar recommended in the recipe?? Actually, can you make this type of dish without sugar at all??

Sorry, I just use Splenda for most recipes. For stevia it depends on the type you use, for example, Stevia in the Raw vs. Truvia which is more of a blend. I’d just go by the label and see if it measures cup for cup to sugar as Splenda does. You can make it unsweetened of course, but it won’t taste much like ice cream, more like frozen coconut milk (which is actually good, but not that sweet on its own.)

Here’s an easier recipe that uses protein powder for the sweetness:

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