Sugar and 'Bad' Calories While Gaining Muscle?

I’m a 15 year old male. I’m around 1.80 meters tall, and weigh around 67 kg’s. I’ve been pretty skinny for my whole life, and I want to change that.

I’ve been going to the gym for a long time now. Around 1 year, I believe so, however, I only just started taking it seriiously. I’m now lifing 6 times a week, doing some kind of 3 day split routine, with one day break a week.

I started eating better a week ago or so. Not eating sugar anymore, or, at least, not nearly as much as I used to do. I try to get a lot of protein, carbs, and good calories.

Now, my goal is to get bigger and gain a lot of muscle mass. I know I need a lot of calories to do that, my problem is, I struggle to get enough calories, when I don’t eat unhealthy stuff.

Would sugar, and ‘bad’ calories affect my gains, in any way? And in which ways? When I say bad calories, I mean calories coming from stuff like McDonalds etc.


Eat natural peanut butter and you’ll easily add a few hundred calories per day.

Read the article in the archives called “Get Big Without Getting Fat.”

Pick a good training program from our archives and follow it.

Keep aging. Muscle gains really don’t kick up until 16 or so.

Do NOT engrain bad habits that’ll haunt you the rest of your life by eating junk food. Learn more about real food. The PB will get you started.

All right.

Thanks Chris.