I just started the V-Diet today, and appalled to find that I really, really don’t like the shakes. I am a supertaster, and find the taste of sucralose to be completely revolting. I had trouble getting and keeping down both the vanilla and chocolate.

Is there something I can use that doesn’t have the sucralose in it? I am very excited about this plan, and worried that I won’t be able to handle meals if I stick with the artificial sweetener.

Ok, I’ve just had my third shake and found that the taste is tolerable. It’s the leucine that I am having trouble with. I’m going to get the BCAA and use that instead.

Only problem you might have there is that they’ve shown Leucine’s effects to be diminished when in the presence of the other two BCAAs. So if you’re taking the Leucine for its anabolic effects you may have to find a way to stick with it. Not to say that BCAAs aren’t good themselves, as I swear by them! Good luck!

the leucine is pretty revolting, I’ll admit, but I just sucked it up. Leucine in capsule form does exists, you could try that I suppose

The solution I’ve come up with is to down the leucine with some water just before, after, or along with my shake. It still tastes bad, but it’s a small amount of bad taste. Much better than destroying the flavor of the entire shake. It’s not a dissimilar experience to taking that headache powder aspirin stuff.

Buy some empty capsules and encanpsulate the leucine yourself.

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