Substitute while HOT-ROX Is Out of Stock?

My absolute fav pre-workout supplement, HOT-ROX has been out of stock for a while! Is there another supplement someone can recommend till its back in stock? It gives me just the right amount of energy to workout, I find I am noticeably tired/don’t have as much energy to workout without so appreciate any tips/advise. Thank you!

If you’re looking for a pre-workout boost, I’d check out either Brain Candy, Power Drive, or Spike.

If you’re caffeine sensitive, I’d go with Power Drive (it’s caffeine free) or half a bottle of Brain Candy or Spike to start.

Thank you for your response. I’m leaning towards a pill format, I don’t like drinks/powders because they make me nauseous. Is there another pill you can think of that’d have the same effect as Hot Rox Extreme? I need to dop 15 pounds or so so ideally a thermogenic fat burner that has the right amount of kick to get me to work out :slight_smile:

Thanks again, appreciate the advise!

I like SBT’s Brain Candy suggestion for a pre-training boost. It’s just a 4oz shot, so it’s not very much to throw back quickly.

If you need to stick to caps, I’d go with Carbolin 19. It actually contains one of the ingredients found in the Hot-Rox formula, so you’re still getting some of the fat-burning and muscle preservation benefits. This talks more about it: Take 4 Capsules for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss - Biotest

It doesn’t contain caffeine, but some people do feel an energy boost from it. So it should have you covered on that end, too.

This is somewhat normal when cutting calories and losing fat, but just double-check your plan to make sure you’re not under-recovering from too much training and too few calories (and/or too few carbs). Improving sleep quality, if not quantity, can also go a long way to helping energy during the day.

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Thank you! I’ll give that a shot

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