Substitute for Flavoring?


I usually use the berry flavoring with my Plazma but went out of town and left the flavoring behind. I saw someone mention lemon juice and ACV. Maybe add a little sucrose and some lime juice? Any other suggestions?


I wish I had a suggestion, but I do feel bad for you. Maybe Crystal Light or a Mio-like product?

I once forgot to flavor my Surge Workout Fuel before going to play a hockey game. Let’s just say that was the easiest way to get people to stop taking sips from my water bottle.


I use strongly flavored BCAA powder. Makes for a killer flavor and far easier for transport. Plus I get more BCAAs. That’s a good thing. I like the BSN stuff–good flavors mostly.

I wish Biotest would make a powdered version of their liquid flavors. Would make life a bit easier.


I haven’t heard those being used. I kinda feel like something as acidic as vinegar or lemon juice wouldn’t be great for the protein itself, but I’m not 100% positive on that. Like SBT said, some people have talked about using those squirt bottle Crystal Lite-type flavorings.

The only thing with that is you’re starting over with the trial and error for how much to use. The Biotest Liquid Flavorings were designed a certain “potency”, flavor-wise. We know half a cap tastes like “this”, and a full cap tastes like “that”. But you can definitely give it a try in a pinch.


[quote=“jeremyfoy, post:3, topic:6903”]
Plus I get more BCAAs.[/quote]
The only thing with this, especially in terms of Plazma, is that you don’t want or need any extra BCAAs with it. It was specifically designed, like Mag-10, to be maximally efficient and optimally absorbed just as-is. Mixing them with other protein/amino sources risks reducing their effectiveness.


I’ve read that posted here but not sure what the efficacy of that statement is. Not sure how more BCAAs would harm anything. I could certainly be wrong but based on my understanding I don’t see how it could impese the effectiveness of protein assimilation.

I’ll have to look into it more. But Biotest making powders of their liquids would solve that. :wink: