Stupid Question, I Know: 1 Scoop per Shake?

on the V-Diet, do the Metabolic Drive shakes consist of just (1) One Scoop per shake? sorry for the stupid question.

Not really a dumb question because the older articles on the V-Diet were a little unclear on this point. But, if you run your numbers, then you’ll see that it would be impossible to get enough calories and protein with one-scoop per shake.

Short answer: Two-scoops per shake.

Longer answer: Think instead of how many total scoops you need per day to meet your calorie/protein goals. Let’s say, just for an example, it’s 8 scoops per day. Now, you can have 4 two-scoop shakes or 8 one-scoop shakes or a mixture. Doesn’t matter really, as long as you spread your shakes evenly throughout the day, consuming one every 3 hours or so.

so two scoops per shake. thats all i needed to hear, i cant wait till sunday and the start of my V-diet and i cant wait for the results! Thank you for the help!

By working out your calories / protein needed each day that should tell you how many scoops you need. As Chris said you should be looking at your daily needs and the individual shakes will be determined by this.

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