Strongman: V-Diet Log Start 3/24/16

Ran the old version of the V-Diet A couple years back. Had very good success. The biggest part of the diet that I like was the resetting of eating habits as this was a huge art of ongoing success moving past the diet. I am currently competing in strongman and and ending a bulk cycle. I have some time before I start cutting for a competition so wanted to give this a try to get a head start. The biggest thing I am looking to do is to get my eating habits back in check as they’ve gotten a little ‘reckless’ over this bulk cycle.

Training: During this I will be following my strongman training which is currently
3 heavy training sessions per week, 3 Accessory training sessions per week, 1 Event day per week. In addition the the above, am adding 2-3 morning light running sessions.

Age: 28
Weight: 270#
Height: 6’ 3.5"
Neck: 16 3/4
Shoulder: 53.5
Chest: 46.5
Waist 1: 39
Waist 2: 40
Waist 3: 40.75
Hips: 41
Arm®: 16 (18 flexed)
Arm(L): 16 ( 18.5 flexed)
Leg®: 28.5
Leg(L): 29
Calf®: 18
Calf(L): 18

Day 1 Down:

Solid start. Didn’t expect any with it being the first day but you never no. No real issues with hunger or anything. Atleast for now, the simplicity is an appreciate change. Goal is to give a run-through of each day here. Found this to be a great source of accountability way back when i did this years ago.

I am in a down week so todays session was rather short:
General Warmup/Mobility
-Work up to heavy single Hang Power Clean (Triples up to 265)

-Work up to heavy Single Log Push Press (Triples up to 220)

-Work up to heavy Single Axle Z Press **cut out of workout, ran out of time

-Work up to heavy 4 x Hatfield Squat

Day 3 Down:
Found myself craving some solid food a few times today, this was also my least busy day so I spent a lot of time just sitting around. Otherwise still a good start!

Light 3 mile run in the Morning

Strongman Training: Off Day

Day 4:
Another good day in the books. No issues, stick with shake plan & 1HSM.

Hour General Monty and Accessory Work (Shoulder Stability & Strength)

Strong man Training: Event Day
Work up to Single Max Lift. Then Drop ~10% and 1Min Max Reps
Frame(Weight Unknown) + 300# Tire + 135# In Bumpers + 200# Person + 170# Person for 15 Reps

Hand over Hand Rope Sled Pull for 50’: Working up 10 weight that takes 1min to complete distance.

Sand Bag pickup for speed: 200#,240#

Day 5/6/7

Start: 270
Week 1: 260

Got a bit behind on my updates. Have been going strong with sticking with the templates. The changed with 1 HSM daily is defiantly a HUGE difference to the old v diet and a very welcomed change. Although, I enjoyed the mental challenge of sticking with the former v diet template, I can understand that this route will allow for a higher success rate. I do recall after my initial success I had a few friends give it a try and each failed.

Training. I’ll try to keep a more accurate training log from here on out. I have not noticed any effect on my training from the decrease in calories so that is a very good thing. The Intra workout shakes defiantly help with that aspect.

On to week 2!!!

Week 2 Training Overview

Not quite writing my daily log as I expected to so decided to write a post going over my training for the week. Sitting at 257 this morning with 2 more days to go in week 2, so going well. Training has not been effected negatively so still going strong.

-Oly work: Snatch progressions
-Box Squat: 5x50%,5x60%,5x70%,3x75%,1 Min AMRAP 8-% (450 training max)
-5 x 5: 4" Deficit RDL
-5 x 10: Hack Squat
-6 x 3: Front Sqat

-Oly work: Clean progressions: High-low hang P.Cleans
-Axle Clean & Press working up to 1 min max reps at 80%
-Incline Bench Press: 8x3
-Face Pulls: 5 x 10
-Dips: 5 x 10

-Oly work: Snatch Progressions (Full)
-Conventional Deadlift
-FS 6x3

-Car Deadlift
-Sand Bag Medly. Speed pickups + timed runs
-Axel Clean & Press

Accessory work, fit in whenever/where ever:
–Hack Squat
–Front Squat
–Leg press,extension,curl
–Pendlay Row 5x10
–Kroc Row 5 x 10
–Upright Row
–Good Morning
–Deficit RDL
–Jefferson Curl
–Tri Extensions
–Shoulder Dumbbell Press
–Shoulder 3 Pos raises

Start: 270
Week 1: 260
Week 2: 254

Great week 2. Really in a swing of things now as far as being in a routine with the shakes & training. Liking the progress thus far and will hopefully maintain similar progress throughout.
Still not seeing any effect on training which is honestly somewhat of a surprise. I am adding a bit of cardio to close out my workouts. With a couple shows coming up that will be Max Rep type events, doing some work now to increase my cardio baseline.

An Onward!

16 pounds in 2 weeks? Wow are you even trying? That is terrible.

Just kidding, obviously. Nice progress.

I noticed you had run the diet before and are doing it again. Last time you did it, was it before the daily HSM’s were introduced in Version 3.5? Curious your thoughts on pros/cons of Version 3.5 vs. Version 3.0. I ran Version 3.0 about 7 years ago and had great success with it and I think the daily HSMs will certainly make it more bearable, but not sure if the progress would be as good.

Ha, Yea man really happy with the success so far. Hoping for 5-10 in the next 2 weeks, although I know that is pushing it a little. Got a little over zealous on my last bulk so have some ground to make up before some Shows later this year. Wish I could follow the diet 100% including the workouts etc, but Just can’t take the time off of my event work.

Yea, I did this way back with the 1 Weekly HSM & the 2 week transition period tailing off the diet. I almost wouldn’t even consider these to be in the same ballpark. Being able to have a daily HSM a lifesaver haha. I think the results can be comparable if the daily HSMs are not abused.

I agree man. I am on Day 3 right now and the difference between this version and previous with the weekly HSM’s is ridiculous. Knowing that you are going to actually get some solid food and masticate later in the day makes it so much easier to stick to it.

Keep it up bro

Start: 270
Week 1: 260
Week 2: 254
Week 3: 251

Another week in the Books. Still going strong. Onto the home stretch. Am quite enjoying the simplicity of shakes. Moving forward will do a combination of prepped meals & shakes to keep training prep on track.

This is exactly what I wanted to see. I started Starting Strength 12 weeks ago, and was at 19% bf when I started. I’ve gained some % there, and was really wanting to keep my strength gains going while dropping as much of my gut as possible. What better log to keep up with than a strongman?! Lol

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