Strongman/Crossfit Event

I’m doing a really heavy crossfit/strongman show put on by Mike Jenkins this June, alot heavier than normal crossfit, but still plenty of endurance.

I haven’t been around T Nation in quite a while, and just take very basic supps, creatine, fish oil, but I’ve heard good things about Biotest supps as of late and was hoping for your input on proper supplementation for this event leading up to and during, and how they could help if at all… Thanks

Those events are brutal, no doubt.

We’ve worked with CrossFit athletes and strongman competitors and many of the supplement recommendations overlap. Any time you’re pushing the body to its limit, from a brutal leg workout to a competition like the one you’re entering, <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma should be the first supplement to consider. Pre-load with one serving about 15 minutes before you begin the Yoke/Wall Ball/Double Under.

Depending on how much time you have between events, you may be able to load with Plazma before each, or at least three of them. For example, pre-load a serving of Plazma before the first event, one before one of the middle events, and one before the Carry/Load/Drag.

Another consideration would be the pre-meal before the day gets started. One or two <a href=""target=“new”>Finibars, our bar originally made for long competitions, would be ideal. If there’s plenty of time between events, Finibars would fit in there as well.

Finally, to speed recovery and use this event as a muscle building day (instead of a day that just breaks you down), pulse with <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 after the event. Fit in at least two post-event.

If you’re just looking to go with one supplement, Plazma would be our first recommendation.

Keep us posted. These events are unique and we’d love to hear about your experience and get your feedback!

Thanks for the reply Chris, I was initially looking at Finibars and Surge Workout Fuel during, haven’t heard of Plazma til now, I’ll look into it,as well as MAG-10… thanks again…

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