Strongman Comp in May, V-Diet First?

I have decided that I want to do my first strongman competition in May of this year, however I have been wanting to lose some fat for quite some time. I am about 20-22% BF right now and would like to do the V-Diet to try and drop down into the mid teens BF. I was wondering if my strength would suffer greatly by doing the diet or if I would be okay doing the diet right now and then getting ready for the comp after the month or so of the diet?

Any lower calorie, reduced carb diet can make you feel temporarily weaker, though the V-Diet preserves all muscle. But glycogen is naturally lower since it’s reduced carb. Many report strength gains on the V-Diet but that may be because a less-fat body can do more pull-ups, push-ups, and dips. They may not be stronger, just less weighed down by nonfunctional fat.

So, I believe that strength and muscle are preserved on the V-Diet but I don’t know if an experienced weight trainer would see gains in those areas. It’s not made for that but rather really fast fat loss and a “re-wiring” of eating habits. And it’s not designed to support strongman training - the calories are probably too low.

If you did it early enough, it would be fine, but I don’t see you doing strongman training on a lower carb, almost all liquid diet. Those two just don’t support one another.

I’d suggest Indigo-3G and a wheat-free, milk-free diet.

Thanks Chris

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