Strength, Diet, Exercise Advice?


Chris,I’m a 58-year-old black Canadian lad,some of whose measurements read:

Weight,220 lb.
Chest Normal-48"
Chest Expanded:50"

As I have Type Two Diabetes,and,save for daily strolls of at least two miles,I’m in no training regimen,so could you give me an approximate ideal weight for someone of my age,build-am I large-,medium,or small-
boned?-and also advise me about a suitable strength maintenance-THOUGH I’M REGARDED RATHER STRONG FOR MY
SIZE AND AGE-and cardio exercise routine,as well as diet advice to reduce my likely surfeit of body fat.

Thanks,Chris,and your counsel would be greatly appreciated.
Yours Sincerely,D.A. “Cowboy (Brett/John-Brad)” Baylis.


It’s not about weight, it’s about that waist measurement: Your first step should a focus on getting it down to a healthy size. From something I wrote a while back:

“If the largest belly measurement is 40 inches or more, your story is going to be a short one, and tragic. The closer you get to 40 inches the sadder the story will become. Think medications, disability, and social invisibility. Health begins to deteriorate at about 37 inches, and even a waist size of 34 to 36 inches doubles the risk of diabetes.”

I don’t know how you eat now, so let’s start simply: drop wheat from your diet. That’s bread, flour, most cereal etc.