Strawberry Metabolic Drive

Hey guys, started the V-Diet yesterday and was having trouble with the taste that came from the Superfood in my shakes. I had only used the chocolate and the vanilla for breakfast and dinner and I couldn’t handle the taste with the Superfood in it. I finished them but it was rough. I just used it with the Strawberry and MAN!!! I couldn’t even taste the Superfood! Im gonna try it with banana creme tomorrow. Hopefully it works out the same. Just a tip for people about to order.

I don’t think it matters if the Superfood is in the shake or not, as long as you take it. Thanks for the flavor tip.

For your other shakes, I usually add cinnamon and/or vanilla flavoring–it really tastes fantastic. That, and making the shakes really cold.

Palatability is really key on this program; every little bit helps. Good luck!

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