Strange Bowel Movements

My GF and I are on Day Three and so far I have been doing fine on the V-Diet. My GF from day one had dizziness, nausea, and sleepiness. Just today (warning…this is sort of gross) she has told me her bowl movements are uncontrollable.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone else experienced this? On Day one she had some bad reactions to the HR and wants to take it, her body is saying no. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Ok, for the bowels it takes time for your body to adjust to eating an all-liquid menu. I myself had some days I went to the bathroom 5 times. Taking the fiber tabs helps. After a week or so it evens out.

The HSM helped me, at least I believe it did, as it kind of ‘cleared it out’ if you know what I mean. Also, make sure to drink alot of water to keep things well hydrated. A gallon a day+ whatever water is in the shakes helps.

For the HOT-ROX, I know the bottle states to take it on an empty stomach, but in the Ask Chris thread he stated it’s ok to take them with your shakes. I just use the first couple swigs to wash em down then the rest of the shake on top. It keeps the raspberry burps down imo.

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