Stop Making Substitutions

but it seems like there are always too many questions on subbing supplements on here. The plan seems pretty straight forward, and it seems like its been explained over and over again what to do if you want the best results. I mean if you don’t want to follow the directions and just do your own thing go ahead but it seems like a waste of space here to ask those kinds of questions… I can tell you what the answer will be… don’t change anything about the program.

I guess you’d only be an ass if you ass-umed that you knew the situation, when you didn’t quite understand – but clearly act as if you did?

Other than that, I agree with sticking to the program. But, sometimes people have no choice. I try not to judge others because I don’t know their financial situations, or physical/mental situations, etc.

Sure they can make substitutions, but they won’t be on the Velocity Diet 3.0 (TM copyright symbol thingy).

I’m tired of it to MH…

I just feel bad for Chris saying the same shit over and over again. This was my public service message for the week. Best of luck to everyone no matter how they choose to do the program.

I agree. It’s been pretty bad lately. You can’t make supplement substitutions. If you do, it’s not the diet. If you have to, and want to take the chance, fine. I, and most people, will not find a problem with that if you keep it to yourself. But don’t look for approval from the authors to do it because you won’t find it.

This is the 3rd iteration of the diet over several years. So you think they might have this down by now. oh, and read the damn stickies before you ask a question. Make sure it has not been asked a million times.

I do substitutions.

There, I said it. Bring on the stoning and the Crucifixion!

And there are reasons. Primarily, I live in a place difficult to get some of the supps, even by mail order. One of the supps is banned (HOT-ROX Extreme) in my country. I have also had supply problems.

So, just to freak you all out, here are my grevious sins:

Flameout. Can’t get it. So I use salmon oil, cod liver oil and flaxseed oil, rotating it through the day.

Protein powder. Besides the fact that the beautifully tasting and satisfying Metabolic Drive can be had, with a bit of a wait at times or sometimes not at all, I eke out my supply by using my own mix for one or two of the shake meals. That way I can usually get more supplies in as my finances and the mail order can oblige. I mix a WPI/WPC blend protein with calcium casinate and micellar casine. Not nearly as tastey or filling but it does the job, along with a bit more grit and determination.

The other non essential supps I can either get or have a substitute for. i.e. L-Leucine, creatine I can get fairly easily and cheaply.

Ideally I would prefer to do the whole thing according to the book but in the real world that is not always possible. One other factor not mentioned so far is the high cost of these items when purchased outside of the “land of the free and the brave”. So how would you go if suddenly a tub of protein costs, not $34, but OVER DOUBLE THAT!!! Yep, $75 a tub PLUS SHIPPING!!! Gaaaaah! No really, I am serious. So when someone from Croatia asks if they can substitute something, try thinking outside of the square and maybe see where they are coming from.

Hey, maybe you could travel out of the country and broaden your mind. Worked for me.

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