Stomach & Plazma


Hey guys, love Plazma but it seems that after taking it I’m starting to get some stomach upset afterwards (gas and bloating). I take one scoop before and 1 scoop during my workouts. Usually workout early in the morning before work so I normally only have time for a protein bar for solid food before. Any suggestions on getting rid of the Stomach issues? I have tried to workout later in the evening after dinner and get the same stomach issues. Thanks guys


Try using more water. I get occasional minor stomach issues when using 500ml per scoop, but am always fine if I use 600ml or more.


^This. Also, I had a hard time when I first started taking it and I think a lot of it was flavor-related. The taste of casein hydrolysate was new to me and I found it tough to “psychologically” stomach it. I still experience some degree of bloating but that’s just from drinking a ton of water in a relatively short time.


The taste is a bit stronger than say SWF. But I wind up adding an extra shot of the Flavoring and it’s fine. Plus, as stated, feel free to add extra water and sip not slam while drinking it.


Agreed. Try adding a bit more water and/or drinking it a little slower. I used to have some issues with Surge Recovery (back in the day) when I slammed 2-3 scoops too quickly but no problems drinking it over 10 minutes or so.


I’ve had some problems with Plazma (2 scoops in 1000ml of water) making me feel bloated and full, and I can feel it sloshing around in my stomach during my workout, even feeling nauseous on occasion.

Lately, I’ve actually been mixing Plazma with MAG-10 (1 to 1.5 scoops of Plazma, 2 scoops MAG-10 in 1200 ml of water). I find that my stomach tolerates it a lot better, and I haven’t really noticed any negative effects on my workouts. I have no idea why this is. Just thought I’d mention it.