Stomach Discomfort Tips


Hey all,

I have been having some discomfort with bloat and gas on the V-Diet. Some things I’ve been doing that helped greatly was drinking a ton of sparkling water to get the burps out. I was thinking of getting some all-natural peppermint oil, and maybe some aloe-vera gel (although it may add some carbs?) Are these options fine on the diet?

Also, what are some other possible all-natural fixes that could help that won’t effect the diet… I have heard oil of oregano can help with the stomach as well. Would a medicine like Gas-X conflict with any of the supplements?

I also lowered my flax meal intake, and it did help some but it seems the Low Carb Metabolic Drive can get foamy at times and I believe this is partly the cause. I’ve tried mixing Ice with it and still made it a bit foamy. I am on/finishing up Day-4 on the diet and feel pretty good overall other than the bloating / stomach discomfort.

Lastly, I actually typically have had chronic headaches and have the absolute WORSE allergies for a great portion of my life… This diet has virtually eliminated these issues I have had… It’s making me wonder if it’s the food I have been eating that have been causing this. This diet has helped me realize that this could possibly be a food problem and I will be doing a rotation diet some time after this diet to see what exactly effects me in a negative way.



Lowering the amount of flax usually helps. Also make sure your flax and natural nut better are being kept in the fridge as they can go rancid. And while you’re probably not doing this, I have seen it happen: make sure you’re using only water to mix your shakes, not milk. (Yep, people have done that.) Make shakes with a blender and ice, too.

Any of those remedies you mentioned are fine to try.

You probably did have a food allergy or sensitivity you weren’t aware of, possibly milk, dairy in general, or wheat. People really need to ditch milk and wheat anyway, allergy or not. Both are physique wrecking.


Want to follw up on what has been working greatly to ease stomach discomfort, I’m finishing up day 8 and my stomach has adjusted to the diet and flax and I am coasting now. A few things that have helped me:

Sparkling Water (Can add in the sugarfree DaVinci Syrup for flavor but I didn’t need and the Carbonation has helped me greatly burp up any gas and bloat!!!) This has helped me the most out of everything, so stock up on Seltzer Water or Sparkling Water if you can.

Aloe Vera Gel Caps or Aloe Vera Gel (Helps ease stomach discomfort)

Gas-X (If gas or bloat got too extreme, this was used and worked)

Peppermint Oil (1 drop in a protein shake, the menthol and oil has helped stomach discomfort, although it is very strong)

lastly, make sure you are putting a lot of ICE in your shakes. I have noticed I would put ice in my shakes but not enough. This has helped cut down on foamy shakes and bloat. Don’t skimp on the ice.