Still Want to Eat After HSM


Hey Chris,

Had my HSM today 280grams of lean steak spinach mushrooms and walnut salad and some fruit and yogurt for dessert.

I cant believe how much i ate though and i still want more a couple of hours later is this normal?!?!?!?

Its just that ive seen a lot of these threads where people get sooooo full on a small amount but thats just not me…

Im not going to have any more but i tend to cut back on shakes during the week sometimes with only 800 cals in my diet today i easily did 1,000 in the one meal and i had a shake too…

My boyfriends just gone out to buy food for the evening and i cant help but want more slap


Don’t cut back on shakes. Calories will be too low and you’ll risk muscle loss and metabolism damage. V-Diet calories are low already. Skipping shakes like that could also be what’s causing you to want to overeat during the HSM.

If you’re going to do the V-Diet, do the V-Diet. Not anorexia.


lol ok im not trying to be anorexic (no chance of that) just dont feel hungry on shakes sometimes i have to force feed myself with the fourth one but i add a heap T/spn PB to it and it goes down a treat.

Will keep you updated on progress 8 pounds lost so far in 8 days!