Steve's V-Diet Journal

I’m Steve. I was a pretty lean personal trainer about 5 years ago, but since then have been working in an office, and workout habits have fluctuated season to season, as posture and joint pains have gotten worse. I was 215lbs, and 12-14% bodyfat back then. Now I’m bigger, in a not-so-good way.

2015 was a particularly good year, though. I hit several strength PRs and was looking leaner than I had in quite a while.
But the year ended with a whimper, as chronic elbow tendinitis halted most of my upper body training, and my nutritional consistency began to fall apart around November. I was hitting lower body strength workouts a couple times a week, and keeping up with some yoga and cardio, but my intensity dropped considerably.

To kick start the new year I decided to try out the Velocity Diet. I’ll do the program exactly as planned, with Hot Rox, Tribex, and ZMA added. I ordered the package a couple days ago, and am hoping everything is here in time for me to begin on Sunday 1/10/16.

Here are my starting stats for the V-Diet:
Weight: 236lbs
Height: 6’6" (though I don’t expect this stat to change :smile:)
Belly above navel: 36.5 inches
Belly at navel: 39
Belly below navel: 40
Butt: 43.75
Arm: 13.5 (straight arm, relaxed)
Thigh: 23.5

Pics coming in a sec…

All my supplements arrived. Holy moses that’s a lotta’ stuff.

I’ll start the diet and workouts proper on Sunday morning. In the meantime, I’m mainly hitting light cardio and mobility work (voodoo flossing my elbows and knees, trigger point work around my shoulders) to make sure I can hit the ground running when it’s time to begin.

I’ll update this thread Monday morning describing how Day 1 went.

Quick note: I taste tested a single serving of the Metabolic Drive protein that we’re all practically living on this month. It’s delicious, thank god. I tried the banana. I got 4 bags of chocolate, 2 vanilla, and 2 banana.

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Day 1 in the books. Loved everything about it.

6:30am Metabolic Drive, Flameout, Hot Rox, Superfood… banana shake is delicious, Hot Rox woke me right up, and I had my Plazma prepped from the night before.

8am Heavy Day - Front Squats, Chin-ups, DB Presses, Hanging Leg Raises (drinking 2 doses Plazma)
I was surprised to find my gym doesn’t have an ab wheel. I opted for hanging leg raises – actually hanging from a pullup bar – to work on grip strength. I also did some easy TRX rows at the end. My shoulders draw forward from years of office work and Xbox, so I try to counter-act pressing movements with extra rows.
Chin-ups were toughest. I got 5 on first set, but 30 seconds is not a lot of rest when hitting a heavy, low rep range. Set #2 was 2 1/2 reps. The next few were 2’s… that last 7 or 8 sets or were all 1 rep. Was brutal.
I’m already pretty quad dominant on squats, so I’m probably going to do back squats instead of front squats for the remainder of the month.
Plazma and Hot Rox combo is awesome. I felt reeeally good during this lift.

11:30am Metabolic Drive, Flameout
2:30pm Hot Rox
3:30pm Metabolic Drive, Flameout
4pm - NEPA walk. It was about 8 degrees outside. I dressed like an eskimo, put on some good music, didn’t mind the chill.
6:30pm 6oz Chicken Breast (grocery store by me makes these huge smoked chicken breasts. Provides 3-4 solid servings of delicious ready-to-eat chicken), 3/4 cup white rice, 1.5 cups broccoli with garlic salt
This meal… was delicious. I tried to get it as close to 700 calories as possible.
9:30pm Metabolic Drive, Flameout, ZMA

Slept like a rock. Woke up more sore than I expected. As I mentioned in my original post, I’ve been avoiding upper body work for a while. My chest and front delts are really tight and sore today. I’ll hit my NEPA walk during my lunch break today, and after work will do some mobility work (big fan of Kelley Starrett’s “Becoming a Supple Leopard” book)… to make sure I’m ready to rock and roll again tomorrow.

27 more days to go. I’ll take weight and measurements on Sunday Jan 17th, and update this thread on Monday with those numbers. So far so good.

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Day 2 note…

I had my normal shake at 6:30am, and my next shake at 10:30am.

At noon I left the office to go walk an incline treadmill for 45 minutes.

Now it’s 1:15pm, and for the first time in 48 hours, I am huuuungry. My next shake is at 2:30. HSM at 6:30.

I’m going to try some green tea to see if it helps. An hour after my next shake I’ll have another Hot Rox pill and hopefully that’ll shut down my appetite until dinner.

i discovered on the first Monday back to work, that taking my first shake of the day at 06.30 was not a good idea at all! Left me feeling quite hungry in the afternoon!

Try delaying your first morning shake as much as possible…I have mine at 9am now and find that sets me up for the rest of the day much better!


I agree, on non workout days.

On a workout day, I do shake first thing in the morning, because I’ll get caffeine and plazma calories at noon or 4pm depending on when I work out. (I’m taking Hot-Rox along with the V-Diet stack)

On a non-workout day though, I could take your suggestion, and just have my Hot-Rox at 6:30 and hold off the hunger until later in the morning… I’ll try that tomorrow!

(P.S. - my wife loved the story of the girl who’s “suspicious sports drink” exploded on a public bus)

3 days down. Rock solid so far. Definitely some hunger between meals/shakes on non-workout days. On days where I can have two scoops of plazma mid-day I feel much better. Next round of measurements will be on Sunday the 17th. Very curious to see how those are looking…

I have two “trials” coming up soon:

  1. Today at lunch, a well-liked manager in my office is celebrating his last day here. We’re throwing him a little lunch party, and I don’t know what restaurant we’re going to. Knowing him, it’ll be delicious… so my HSM is going to be at lunch today. The challenge will be to keep the “H” in “HSM”. Most places will have a grilled chicken salad, or I can get grilled fish and veggies, or if he opts for mexican, I’ll get a chicken fajita plate and leave the tortillas. If he goes to a pizza buffet I’ll have no choice but to kill myself.

  2. Next Sunday, January 24th, is the Royal Rumble (WWE event). My wife and I watch these wrestling pay per views and always order pizza for them. This is the exact mid-point of my 4 weeks on V-Diet. I don’t want my wife to miss out on the pizza, which means I’ll be eating chicken and green beans while she’s next to me with a bacon/pepp St Louis style pizza from IMOs. I’ll need all of your thoughts and prayers on this night…

Lunch with the coworkers was easy. I began to sweat a bit when everyone had their cheeseburgers and pizzas and french fries show up at the table… but my salmon, rice, and asparagus was delicious. Once I started eating that, I wasn’t jealous of anyone else’s meal.

Here’s the rub though: since I just blew my HSM on lunch, and plan to go back to having my HSM at 6:30pm (so I can eat dinner with my wife), I am about to endure 30 straight hours without solid food.



If you don’t want to miss out on pizza… I do have a pretty good ‘paleo’ pizza recipe that tastes amazing (can not believe I uttered the words ‘Paleo’ on T-nation forum… please don’t laugh!)… Although this recipe still have cheese, it’s a hell of a lot healthier than standard pizzas…


That’s not a bad idea. I’ve got some paleo pizza recipes too… although the coconut flour crust never comes out quite right.

I think I’m just going to try and ditch the pizza idea altogether. If I do anything “off plan” it’ll be really mild… like cutting my rice out of my HSM that day and having some popcorn instead. We’ll see how my results look halfway through the diet and I’ll decide what to do then.

I’m not going to keep writing daily updates here… I’ll write something significant when I do my “after week 1” measurements on Sunday.

But I do have one note… my third workout on the program was pretty rough. My grip is shot. I was deadlifting 185lbs for 8 reps just fine on three sets. But that 45 second rest is killing me. My last several sets were in the 3-5 rep range, all because my forearms and hands were dying.

When it came time for pullups, I used the assisted machine to get sets of 8, and I can’t believe how much assistance I needed to get a set of 8 (wide grip, striiiict form). My hands were tired, and I was having a hard time locking my shoulders in a safe position.

All in all…my longest workout yet, due to the deadlifts taking almost 10 sets to get to 40 reps, and the pullups taking more sets than that. Definitely need to tomorrow to rest, then Saturday morning first thing is my first crack at the V-Burn challenge…

Ended my week on an okay note. I wasn’t as strict.

Split a medium popcorn with my wife at the movie theater on Saturday evening. No added butter, but it was still probably a 300-350 calorie snack.
Also had two “Party Aid” soft drinks… it’s a supplement from the people who make FitAid, if you’ve ever heard of that. They use good sweeteners, and it’s a low calorie drink. 45 calories a pop. But still, strictly speaking, not allowed on V-Diet. I’ll get back to following all the rules…

Here we go… my measurements after week 1.
(My initial "before measurements were done 4 days before officially starting the V-Diet. During those 4 days I did light workouts and ate well… so the changes here didn’t happen in 7 days. It was about 12 days.)

Weight - 226lbs (down from 236)
Belly 2 inch above navel - 35 inches (down from 36.5)
At navel - 37.25 (down from 39)
Inch below navel - 38.75 (down from 40)
Butt - 43.5 (no significant change)
Arm - 13.5 (no significant change)
Thigh - 23.75 (no significant change)

So, 10lbs down all from the midsection is pretty awesome. But that’s the first week… all that holiday bloat, water, etc. That’s the easy stuff. For the next three weeks, I’ll be happy if I can grind out 2lbs per week. Though the measurements I’m most interested in are my waist. I’m a tall guy with a thin frame, and have no excuse for my belly measurements being over 34 inches. So I plan to stay in fat-loss mode until I’m measuring 34 inches or less anywhere near my bellybutton. That’s 5 more inches off my most stubborn area. I’m expecting that to take the better part of 2016.

Bring on week #2

Week #2 done. As expected, weight loss slowed, but that’s ok. Still knocked off 2 more pounds. I’m at 224, down from 236.

I’ll be really happy if I can keep up that pace. I’m targeting 222 for next week’s weigh-in, and 220 as a final number at the end of the V-Diet.

I did wind up having a pizza and toasted ravioli cheat meal last night. It was great, I don’t regret it. It served an important purpose… a good mental adjustment. I spent all of week 2 desperately craving crappy food, and then I got some, and while it was delicious, I felt pretty nasty for the rest of the night.

As a result, I’m starting week #3 happily chugging my protein shakes, with zero interest in anything other than perfect, healthy food. Baked chicken and broccoli tonight. Leftover chicken, peas, and rice tomorrow night. Sounds amazing! I’m sure if I didn’t get that pizza cheat, I’d be hating life right now… reluctantly drinking shakes and wishing I could have some crab rangoon or something.

I think that one single cheat meal right smack in the middle of the 28 day program is a good idea.

Another thing worth mentioning. My knee has been buckling under me, feeling very unstable, and occasionally randomly hurting. Saw doc. Suspects I tore my medial meniscus. This has been going on since about a week before I started V-Diet. I’ve been doing my squats and deads and lunges wearing a compression sleeve on my knee and it really helps, but I still need to fix this problem. I can walk a straight line pretty well, but turning is an issue, as my knee isn’t tracking correctly.
Got an MRI, and I’m confirming the diagnosis with my doc tomorrow morning. If it’s a meniscus tear like he suspects, I’ll be undergoing a minor outpatient surgery to trim off the tear. Recovery shouldn’t be too bad, but it’ll definitely mean no more leg work or NEPA walks for the rest of the V-Diet. Maybe I can make up for that with extra chin ups and pushups? I can do one-legged squats off a plyo box for my V-Burn challenge. :slight_smile:

I’ll update again next week, if not sooner.

Great job! Sorry to hear about the knee.

Week 3 in the books. One more to go.

Another pound down for a total of 13lbs lost so far. I’ll be pushing hard this week to get 1-3 more lbs for a final loss of 15 or so.

My measurements haven’t changed much. Belly is down a couple inches since starting, but all that happened in the first 5 days. I must have been super bloated when I took my initial measurements.

The diet is getting a little looser as time goes on, too. I think living almost entirely off shakes, and keeping my calories so low is a little extreme for me. If I’m going to have a day where I’m only eating 1,300 calories (about 2,000 less than I’m used to), then I gotta get some real food. During the week when I’m being 100% strict with the rules of the diet, I feel run down and cranky and irritable all the time. I hate that. Over the weekend I helped a buddy move, and had 4 slices of pizza afterward. I had 440 calories in me, and it was 2pm… I guess I should have brought a shake with me. At the time I felt like I was in a “pizza or death” situation.

Most valuable lesson I’ve learned from V-Diet is how many calories I need to eat to lose weight. When the diet is over I won’t change the amount of calories much… I’m just hoping that getting those calories from actual food instead of powder will help me feel better while I continue trying to slim down.

Workouts have been consistently good at least. My knee is beginning to feel a little better. Docs couldn’t find anything obviously wrong in the MRI and X-Rays… something just got twisted or inflamed and it caused some nasty swelling and instability issues. But those “tweaks” are happening less each day… I think whatever was wrong is healing.

I’ll post final measurements and pictures next week.


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