Steve-O is Getting Started, Can't Wait for Results

I am just getting started and the only question I have at this point is about the Plank hold exercises I am not sure what is considered a rep and how many reps I should do. Yesterday on working one for beginners I was able to hold for about 40 seconds and did it 10 times but it says we should do 40 reps I just wonder if I am doing what I am suppose to do.

The text part in the printout can be a little confusing. But here’s the pic from the workout section.

well its day 4 and I have to say its been pretty hard to get used to not eating regular meals, but I am going to stick with it! I did have a headache yesterday but today I feel ok, I just think its going to take getting used to it. I do see why people call it food porn ha ah I am already looking at the food pics and craving it ah ah I will post my before pics soon. I am 220 lbs now and hope to get down to 200

I found days 3-6 were the worst for me too. I had headaches and cravings and got a little cranky too. It does get easier, believe me. Just make it through the first week and it’ll get better. Just hang in there!

Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile: its been about 3 weeks now and I have lost about 10 lbs :slight_smile: I have been pretty good about sticking with the workout routine, but I must say it has not been easy drinking the shakes all the time. I would try some of the flavoring but I am in Afghanistan with the US Army and you have to order everything you need. I am going to stick with it and post before and after pics soon.

I am half way though the 6 weeks and I will say I am seeing it work and people are already noticing changes in my body. On the one HSM day the food tastes sooo good ha ah and now I know what people are talking about when they pay “food Porn” I am looking at pictures of food now and really craving it ha ah Thanks again I will stick with it!

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