Stephen's V-Diet: Day 1

So I decided to start a week early. Had all the supps and figured what the hell.

First day went well. The workout was a lot more intense than I though it would be. Fine by me! I’ve never done front squats before. Seems like they work the quads a lot more than the traditional back squat. The ab-wheel rollout exercise was rough. My form was suffering due to a lack of abdominal strength. But I’m doing my best on those. Note to self: Take more fiber tablets.

6:15pm - Wake up. Take 1ST Serving of HOT-ROX Extreme.
6:45pm - Shake 1
7:30pm - Gym*** (SURGE Recovery shake immediately after workout)
10pm - Shake 2
2am - Shake 3
2:30am - Go for NEPA walk
3:15am - 2nd serving HOT-ROX Extreme
5:30am - Shake 4
9am - Shake 5
10am - Sleep

Height: 5’8’‘
Weight: 210
Neck: 16.5’‘
Shoulders: 50.5’‘
Chest - Upper: 45.5’‘
Chest - Lower: 44’‘
Waist - at Navel: 45’‘
Waist - at largest: 45’‘
Hips - at largest: 42.5’‘
Upper Arm - L: 14’‘
Upper Arm - R: 14’‘
Upper Leg - L: 26’‘
Upper Leg - R: 26’‘
Lower Leg - L: 19’‘
Lower Leg - R: 19’‘
Ankle - L: 9.5’‘
Ankle - R: 9.5’’

Your body.
Your fortress.

Awesome. We look forward to following your progress!

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