Steak, Squash and Veg!


So i took Chris’s recipe for squash fries!

10 oz steak, with mexican spice rub with olive oil and lenon juice. Griddled to perfection!

Mixed veg.

Butternut squash wedges, seasoned in chilli, paprika, salt and pepper and some herbs.

Whole grain mustard on the side.

Who says eatin healthy is boring!?


FWIW my brother and fiancée are very cautious when it comes to v-life recipes but even they liked them!

I cut them a bit thick so they didn’t crisp up, next time il cut them a little thinner.

Texture was good and so was the flavour, almost like parsnips.

Will definitely be making them again!


Wow, looks great!


It rocked!

Squash/pumpkin is such a good alternative to potato/sweet potato, the carbs are incredibly low, packed full of vitamins and minerals and a lot of fibre aswel.

I mite try a mash alternative with the other half of the squash, add some butter, maybe a spoon or 2 of heavy cream and some spices and see what happens.

I was a bit wary when i saw the recipe, but they are seriously nice!

Cheers Chris for the recipe.

I’ll try and throw more pics of my food up, i absolutely love cooking and ingredients here come from farm to shop within a bout 6 hours of being picked, so theres always fresh stuff available.