Steak/Chicken Fajita HSM Help


Hey, tomorrow is my first HSM on the V-Diet and I was looking for some help on making a meal if anyone is kind enough to offer.

Now to be honest, all I really know about a Fajita is it has meat in it and smells amazing and tastes even better when you get to it haha!

But from Google I know some main ingredients where I’ll need

-bell peppers

after that! Eh, well lets just say I never made much more than candied bacon or meat thrown on the grill.

I would normally just try some stuff online I find and hope for the best but I wanna be sure I’m not adding stuff in I really need to be cutting out. (I’m a Franks Red Hot fanatic by the way, and I’m pretty sure that’s a no-no. Can use that for every meal haha)

I’m talking about seasoning by the way! Like what I should be mixing in.

So any ideas on what my entire meal should look like and just the general cooking method? I can get help with the other small details in person of course!

Thanks for any help guys! Hope I didn’t come off as too much of a moron but have to move away from the microwave dinners sometime right?

P.s. tried to do a search for ideas but didn’t have much luck, and I really wanna cook for my girlfriend when she’s back to show off what I’ve learned haha


Skirt steak is usually used for fajitas. I am not sure exactly what is and is not allowed on the diet you’re on, but heres how i’d recommend doing fajitas:

Grab some EVOO and heat it up in a pan on medium. Buy 3-4 peppers, 3-4 yellow onions, and cut them into strips. Cook them together in the pan of EVOO until they are soft. Season them with salt and pepper, and if you like the “fajita” taste- add some extra fajita seasoning.

Get fajita seasoning- season the raw skirt steak with it. Cook it on the bbq until medium rare. Cut the steak into strips.

Look for a really low carb tortilla of some sort- of course, assuming you’re using tortillas. You can just use leaves of lettuce and let her eat the tortillas.

Make some guacamole- there’s a recipe on here somewhere I think. I’m pretty sure most guac recipes need some salt,pepper, tomatoes, lime juice, and obviously avacados.

Not sure what more you’re looking for. As a side dish, maybe steam up some broccoli/cauliflower. Maybe make a really simple garden salad (spinach/lettuce, beefsteak tomato, cucumber- some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and balsamic with some salt/pepper/onion powder/garlic powder). Obviously yellow rice will work too, but I don’t know how carb restricted you are.