Stay the Course?

Hello Chris, I am taking INDIGO3G Anaconda and MAG-10 been on it since 9th of Nov. everything is going good my strength is UP my weight is up by six pounds.

My question is this I KNOW it’s early but i have noticed my waistline expanding a little i will not panic i will give the supps the 6 weeks you suggested, so far i am PLEASED and i just reordered INDG3 Anaconda and Mag-10.

Also while i am working out is it ok to consume more carbs for example rice cakes? Lately i find myself doing that and IF i should not, upon your instructions i will stop. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You’ve been on the plan for like 11 or 12 days. No need to panic.

I’d be glad to take a look at your sample daily menu and food choices if you’ll put that info into your Indigo log. We may find some things to tweak.

As for rice cakes, do you mean eating them DURING the workout? If so, no, that would interfere with Anaconda. If you need more nutrients during training, add a scoop of Anaconda.

Chris here is a sample of what i eat the only changes are the type of protein and sometimes INSTEAD of rice i will have sweet potatoes. When i get up at 5 am i have a protein shake either MAG-10 or optimum nutrition 100% whey using up what i have. around 6:30 7 am i will have 2 rice cake a bowl of cream of rice with raisins and brazil nuts 2 hrs later 9 ish i will have a pancake and a half a 8 oz can of pineapples and 1 rice cake. around 1130 will take Indigo-3G 6 caps. and 1200 have lunch a cup of rice with chicken breast and 2pm have a cup of rice with 2 beef patties.

At 4:30 train before that take 6 caps of Indigo-3G while working out drinking Anaconda finish up around 6:30 and a hour later drink my MAG-10 and before bed eat some steak with a cup of rice. Rinse and repeat.

Food choices look solid! I’d replace the pancake myself (wheat can make some people look bloated/inflamed or overeat later in the day), but it’s not hurting you any based on those pics in your log!

I see nothing wrong there, but you may want to play around with calories, maybe more, maybe less. Indigo allows most people to eat more, and some get even better results when they crank up the carbs.

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