Starting with Plazma, Mag-10, and Metabolic Drive?

I’m thinking of switching to Biotest supps. I’m 5’ 7" n currently weigh 200lbs. In the last 10 months I’ve managed to lose about 45lbs n gain some decent muscle but things have stalled recently. I know I have to really dial in my diet again to jump start things again

Thinking of starting with Plazma, Mag-10 and Metabolic Drive. I know Mag-10 is a protein but I’m planning on using that strictly PWO and taking Metabolic Drive between meals at times. Is this ok to start with? Of course goals are to lose more fat and gain muscle

Sounds like you’ve seen some solid progress so far. Nice work.

Yep, that’s a pretty good start, just be sure to use Plazma before and during training if that’s part of your supplement plan and then the Mag-10 a while after.

Mag-10 can also work really well between meals, as an alternative to Metabolic Drive. This explains why “protein pulsing” can be a good approach.

Metabolic Drive can be used as more of an actual meal replacement, like this simple approach.

Thanks for the response. Since my question I am considering adding creatine and 1 of the following 4, either Indigo-3G, Micro-PA or Carbolin 19 or Alpha Male. Which of the 4 would u recommend. Goal is fat loss n muscle gain. Thanks in advance.

Just throwing in my .02 here, if you could only pick one of those 4, I’d recommend Micro-PA.

Micro-PA is an incredible supplement, I’ve been taking it for years and noticed visible results within weeks of starting it. Utilizing Micro-PA properly would include maximizing TUT (time under tension) through slower negatives than you might be used to, and a great mind-muscle connection. In my opinion a bodybuilding style training split would be ideal to see your best potential results for building a physique, and utilizing Micro-PA. I think Micro-PA will help more than anything else regarding building muscle, which makes it easier to lose fat and accomplish your goals.

As a further thought, to maximize the muscle gain and fat loss, if you can, throw in Carbolin-19 also. Budget wise it’s not a significant purchase, and taking Carbolin-19 first thing in the morning, and later in the day, in addition to Micro-PA before your workout, would be a fantastic stack to help you accomplish your goals (assuming your nutrition and training are already on point and consistently executed!)

Like Rob said, I think Micro-PA would be a good choice especially if you tweak your training plan to include more old school bodybuilding methods like slower negatives, weighted stretches, and pauses.

Or you could go with Indigo-3G if you have clean carbs (more like potatoes and rice, less like bread and pastas) in your diet plan. That would help to optimize your diet with the nutrient partitioning effects, boost insulin sensitivity, and ramp up more fat loss.

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