Starting Velocity Diet

Ok, so I did the velocity diet four years ago on my last tour in Iraq and I am about to start it again. The one thing I am looking for but cannot find is the meal formula so to say. Basically how many scoops of what per shake and which time of day to do which shake combination. If anyone can help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it.

Btw the last time I did the velocity diet I had just finish my post Ranger school gorge of just eating whatever the heck I wanted for about six months. I lost 30 lbs over the course of the diet and felt great for the rest of my deployment and was able to eat pretty clean over there. Now I am finishing up school and need to drop weight again and clean up my diet before I re enter into the Military workforce.

I have attached a picture from the last time I did it. I can’t remember but I think the time difference from the first to the last photo is two weeks.


Great work on your last V-Diet!

The link to the meal program:

Just enter your stats and it should give you exactly what you need to know.

It’ll also put together a V-Diet package for you, so you don’t have to do all the math to work out how many tubs of what you need. Just keep in mind, the V-diet package only covers the 4 weeks of the diet, not the two weeks of transition phases that follow. When I ordered my supps, I went ahead and did the math and ordered everything I’d need for the full 6 weeks so I wouldn’t have any issues.

Good luck!

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