Starting Velocity Diet Woooo

EDIT: Nevermind ;o

I’ll build muscle before I do this.

A 38" waist? Really?

From your pics, I would really think twice about cutting down any further - it’s seriously time to start adding some muscle.

Do you even lift weights?

A good weight training program and healthy eating plan with a couple of shakes thrown in for convenience is probably all you need right now. That will shift your body composition nicely at your age and experience level - more muscle, less fat in other words. No need for the V-Diet.

Lots of training programs and nutrition info available for free at this site in the archives.

I lifted weights for like 6 months, but due to piss-poor nutrition it never got me anywhere.

I guess it’s about time I started listening to everyone telling me I need to just gain muscle first. Everywhere I go I get the same reaction, lawl.

Back in 6-12 months, I guess.

Holy hell!

Someone didn’t argue that everyone else is wrong!

[quote]rsg wrote:
Holy hell!

Someone didn’t argue that everyone else is wrong![/quote]

You sir make a good point. Lets get this boy some real training. He’s willing to listen!

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