Starting Velocity Diet on Aug. 16

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been a fan of T-Nation for years now. To be honest when I first read about the diet 3 years ago, I thought it was the craziest, unsustainable diet ever. I realize now that was just my bitchassness rearing its ugly head. I’ve never had issues with keeping or putting on muscle. I’ve spent months without lifting just to walk into a gym and post a PR.

My problem is that I have never truly seen my six pack without having to flex and that was years ago. Anyway, I’ve had enough. I want to change not just my physique but my overall attitude towards life. I was going to do this diet without keeping a log or telling anyone but I realized I’d have no accountability. If I did, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now. I’m hoping that this forum will give me the support and encouragement I need to get a hold of this.

I will post my pic a little later.

Here are my stats:
Saturday 8/16/08
Weight: 208.6
Love handle area: 37.5’
Upper leg (thigh): 26.5’
Lover leg (calf) 16’
Ankle: 8.5’
Chest: 41’
Upper abs area: 37’
Shoulders: 19.5’
Upper arm: 16’
Neck: 16’

Thanks everyone.

I’ve posted the pics, let me know if you are visible.

Front pic

Back pic

I shed a single tear when I saw the result of this shot. It got even worse when I finished taking my measurements.

HEY RIPPED! Welcome to the club (or hell, as I like to call it!) Don’t think poorly of your pictures–think of it as an awesome block of cement that you get to chip away at over the next 6 weeks. You can sculpt, shape and polish it! Rock on!

Ok today was a test run on the V-Diet. I start hardcore tomorrow. What I learned is that I have to be mindful of when to take the shakes. I only managed 3 shakes today. I drank when others ate but the people around me do not manage their own diets well.

I need to set a clock and just work it out. The second thing I realized is that my body is going to take some time getting used to a liquid diet. I never had several SERIOUS accidents in the park. When I had to go I had to go. There was a lot of praying and sweating involved before I made it home.

Tomorrow I’ll post my workout regime (reps, lifts). I was hungry today but it wasn’t too bad. Tomorrow will be the real test with all the temptation from work. Wish me luck.

Day 1:

I had a terrible night’s sleep and so I didn’t go to work. It was either go chug away at work or did a decent workout. I chose the later. I’ve had my first shake.

[I have a question for the forum, is there anything I can do to solidify my stool? I know nasty but you guys might have some good suggestions.]

I plan to workout in an hour or two. I don’t want to postpone it to much since I tend to get lazy and psyche myself out.

Also, I will usually workout at 5:30 am and was wondering if I should wake up earlier to have a shake or will sipping on Surge suffice? I remember reading that we shouldn’t lift in a fasted state but if I can avoid be up before 5 (especially since I don’t usually fall asleep till 1) I’d be happy.

Hi Ripped…

Have a great one…euh I can not say good luck as CHris pointed out, Luck has nothing to do with it.

Just few things…
You have problems to get liquid shake…well simple just make it thicker Like a pudding. Put less water, and/or add flaxseeds…
(Flax, PB and chocolate is my favorite or vanilla / flax in pudding)

Regarding your other problem just wait a day or 2 your stool should be thicker. Or maybe (but this I’m not sure, take less fiber, maybe before starting the diet you were not taking enough fiber in your diet.

Oh la la get up at 5 to do your workout…You can not schedule it else where??? At least your weight training??? Sure thing you should not do it on an empty stomach :frowning:

[quote]ripped4321 wrote:
[I have a question for the forum, is there anything I can do to solidify my stool? I know nasty but you guys might have some good suggestions.]

I have the total opposite problem. I believe staying on this V-Diet plan will make things more ‘solid’ for you in that department. if not, it may mean you are lactose intolerant? not sure.

on that note, if you are lactose intolerant, i have a suggestion or two for you (as i am severely lactose intolerant and on Day 2 of the diet)…
just let me know!

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