Starting Velocity Diet Feb1 - Day 1 Log (To Be Continued...)

Stiil going!

How are things going?

What were your starting stats?

Things are okay so far. Day 5 done! Thanks for checking in. I will post more on the weekend. BTW, any suggestions for making Plazma taste better? I have the Orange flavor, Berry is out of stock. Or can I substitute with Surge Workout Fuel or Surge Recovery (either/or). I am having trouble finishing it all (1000 ml) before and during workout.

M, 186 lbs

Taste is really an individual thing. It’s just about playing around with how much flavoring you’re using. For one scoop, I’ll use maybe half a capful (or a smidge more) of flavoring. You can fine-tune to your palate or, if you do have a few different flavors, mix them up. Combining grape-orange or lemon-lime, etc.

Some people instead use Mio-type “water enhancers” as long as they’re zero calorie, but the amount is going to be even more of a trial and error thing.

Those are both different formulas and different macros/calories, so it’d change the plan quite a bit. If anything, Surge Workout Fuel would be the next-closest alternative to Plazma in terms of the nutrients it delivers, but uses the same type of flavoring so you wouldn’t really change the issue in that regard.

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