Starting Velocity Diet 11/07

Long story short… I’m active duty Army and have let myself slip. A few weeks ago i hit my highest weight since I’ve been in the army, 5’9" and 225lbs. I started getting back into the gym and am around 215 now, and am hoping the V-Diet can get me back to where I used to be. I have done it before, the first time getting amazing results. The second time i was deployed and couldn’t stick with it. So I’ve decided I am going to do the original 1 HSM per week plan, including flax seed and natural nut butter.

I am wondering though, how much of an effect would adding running 2-3x per week have on the diet, and what can I do to offset any potential negative effects? Not only do I need to get my weight down, but I have moderate asthma and need to consistently work on my cardio, specifically focusing on 2 mile run time. Any advice? Also I will be updating tomorrow with pics and stats.

I’m guessing that’s supposed to say 215. Otherwise, yeesh.

If you’re going to be doing an extra training (the 2-3 extra runs per week), I’d suggest going with the daily HSM. I get that you ran it the original “style” before and had good results, but the current V-Diet is the best bet. The HSM doesn’t necessarily have to be “dinner”, if that’s an issue. As long as you get all the shakes in with one HSM, and workout nutrition when you lift, you’re set.

Check out this thread over in T Nation’s Conditioning forum. A few current and former military guys had some advice that should help (they’re talking 1.5 mile test, but the ideas should mostly carryover). Or you can start a new thread over there to get more feedback.

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