Starting V-Diet Tomorrow, Leucine?

Hi Chris -

I am a 47 year old woman who ordered the V-Diet package for $399 based on what was spelled out after plugging in my stats. My order came on Friday so have been preparing over the weekend to start tomorrow. I downloaded my daily program of meals tonight and noticed it lists a scoop of Leucine with protein drinks. This wasn’t a line item in the $399 package so I don’t have it as a supplement. How important is this in the program? I want to have everything I am supposed to so that I am successful with it.


You will be fine without the leucine. It was removed and you weren’t charged for it.

It’s more muscle insurance for body builder types on the V-Diet, there’s tons of protein, so nothing to worry about!

Thank you!

Leucine is no longer part of the V-Diet and you were not charged for it.

It’s still listed on the printout and that’s our fault. Sorry for the confusion.

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