Starting V-Diet Today

Hey guys

Been lurking the forum for about a month now started the simple diet which I didnt find dramatic but easily sustainable. I then looked at the beore and after photos in the V-Diet section and instantly thought thats its for me, I was unaware it was a liquid diet (which I swore i would never do). I am already 6 stone down from this time last year and just want a boost from the plateau i seem to have hit this month.

Anyway here I am. I am still waiting on my leucine and superfood but I wanted to start today on a monday. Too early to say but so far I havent been hungry atall, actually quite the opposite, maybe because I am making sure I have my shakes on time which I struggle to do when cooking. Measurements and before photos will be posted later on today most likely. oh and if anything is going to hinder my chances at the moment its the Surge Recovery, I almost gag drinking it.

Good luck! The first five or six days seemed to be the most difficult for me. I am twelve days in at the moment. Stay on it!

Thanks mate, 1st day went smoothly…cant say the same for the night though. I attemped to go bed early but simply couldn’t sleep. I dont know whether to attribute this to the diet or just me worrying about a job interview I have today.

Received my Leucine and Superfood today so feel like i am starting properly now, ive never been through a protein shake container so quickly I can see why 12 Metabolic Drives were recommended now. Slept a lot better last night although I went quite late, had my last shake a little later. Also just to confrim, Flaxseed and linseed are the same right? I also seem to have grown accustomed to the taste of Surge Recovery (raspberry) and I really havent been getting hungry.

Day 5

Havent had my 1st HSM yet, yesterday was the hardest day so far but mostly because I was out for a long period and had to make the afternoon shake stretch. I think I will treat myself tommorrow, steak comes to mind, trying to space them out dont want the HSM’s to be too close together. Its weird the only things I have craved are blueberries and grapes (random and specific) and even that died down a bit on the 3rd day when i received my superfood and leucine (not sure if that is part of the reason).

Weighed for the first time today and the results were pretty dramatic, that was quite motivating and will spur me on to the end of this. started around 103kg sunday weighed in 98.4kg this afternoon if your interested to know, a lot better than i could have expected as I havent completed a week yet.

Day 8

Couldnt sleep for anything last night, got a few hours, decent gym session in the morning. starting to dislike the taste of shakes with the superfood and lecine and flax seeds in. Scale weight and body fat % increased but I dont that to seriously as I know how inaccurate they can be, still slightly disheartenting, but i wont weigh again untill next monday now, started slipping into a habit of weighing daily after the dramatic weight loss in the first 5 days I was just curious how much I was losing daily.

My start going to the gym a bit more also, before the diet I did 6 days a week, now i do 4 as recommended. Maybe i’ll continue with 4 for this week then go back to 5-6 jusring the transition period when I am having 1HSM a day (next week as I am only doing 2 weeks plus 1 - 2 weeks transistion…see how it goes).

Day 10?

Can barely count anymore, lack of sleep starting to get ridiculous although yesterday I slept considerably well compared to the past few days. Eager to weight but I will wait untill monday or atleast friday. Fruit is still my only craving and its not too stong, as long as I have my shakes on time im never hungry, anything over an hour extra over the period i have my shakes (almost every 3 hours) and my stocmach does start to rumble.

Try to have my last shake as late as possible and sleep soon after as I know that is when I would most likely falter. time to try the 1 tub of banana Metabolic Drive I have (only been having strawberry) hopefully it will break the monotony (getting a bit bored of strawberry now). Need to start planning my daily HSM’s for next week. Ill have a look in the forum.

Day 16

As i was doing a mini 2 week V-Diet I was supposed to enter transistion phase yesterday but to be honest suprisingly (to myself) I dont really feel like eating. I am goin on holiday in 2 weeks so maybe I will just V-Diet for another week (if supplies let me) and then do 1 week transistion next week hmm choices choices. Anopther reason is it is simply simplier not having to plan what healthy meal to cook today (a factor which I asume cause many people to stary from their diets because if we all had personal chefs like celebs would be simple).

Anyway last week was a bit disheartening not scale weight lost (i weigh in kg’s and dont count anything under a kg movent on the scale as loss) yet I do feel that in that week my physique probably changed the most. Hopefully will continue loosing through the transistion phase. Also had my 2nd HSM as my last meal of the day 13 and that night I was almost in a coma (sleep wise) which could be an incentive for me to start transistioning.

Day 21/22

Started to transistion, after the second disheartening week with scale weight gained, 3rd week down another few kg’s suprisingly. I want to go for another week but I am down to my last Metabolic Drive. I need to restock, I can see this being part of my diet daily in future even when I completely finish the diet, It is a simple and satisfying meal replacement. leucine and superfod also run out. Bit hard to get hold of in UK, will try to strech last Metabolic Drive, Flameout and HOT-ROX i have in abundance. Oh and surge recovery.

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