Starting V-Diet, Round 2

The past 6 months pushed me face-first off the bandwagon…got divorced, started a doctoral program, and about to start a new job next week. So it’s time to reset, get back on track and lose the weight I’ve gained!
Started today with a fantastic session at the gym (felt so good to be back- it had been a while).

Measurements today:
Biceps: 12.5"
Forearms: 10.25"
Chest (upper): 36"
Chest (lower): 32"
Waist (upper): 30.5"
Waist (lower): 38"
Hips: 39.5"
Upper thigh: 25"
Calf: 15.25"

The “before” pictures were a bit rough to say the least! I’ll figure out how to post those later.

Wish me luck!

Day 2 halfway done. I am crashing already with the low carb (or maybe I’m just tired?). When I did it last time I actually felt fine, but today I am really struggling. The cravings are hitting hard too- I would kill for my chicken and rice halal cart for lunch instead of my shake!

Got some great NEPA in already today, and have another long walk planned for after work.

Couldn’t edit my post from yesterday, but forgot to say: 5’7", 146lb. Can’t wait to see that number go down!

First off, good luck on the journey. You’ve been through it before so you know what you’re getting into. I didn’t have the same cravings first couple of days but I’m sure we all react somewhat differently to this diet. Just go into every day, into every meal, with a plan. When are you going to have your next shake, where are you going to be when it’s time to have it, and how are you going to make it? The HSM provides a lot of room for straying, but the shakes don’t. I had a lot of leftover taco fixins yesterday when I made them, but had to tell myself that what I served was what I was eating. It worked - and slowing down my eating helped too.

Anyhow - keep posting and boasting.

Thanks for your encouragement! Now I want tacos…

I actually made an outstanding “chowder” recipe for dinner from the Whole30 cookbook with coconut milk, broccoli, chicken, jalapeno, and sweet potatoes, garnished with lots of cilantro and lime juice which was incredible. Granted, I’d probably eat a human foot if you put it in enough coconut milk, lime and cilantro.
(I’m not a serial killer nor a cannibal, swearsies)

Day 3 in the books! Had another serious bought of brain fog by lunchtime from low carbs, so I ate a few bites of melon with my protein shake and felt 100x better. Not sure what else to do other than these tiny carb rescues, since I really can’t have a dead brain working in healthcare! Also hoping I get used to it soon like I did last time, so hopefully I’ll be fine in a few days and won’t need it.

Lifted and walked a ton today, feeling good! Plazma is the best thing that’s ever happened to working out.

Also trying to focus more on mindful eating, so no reading while I ate dinner for me tonight!

Got through Day 4, brain fog gone today, thank goodness. Also wasn’t super hungry all day which was a nice change. Got a ton of NEPA in. Feeling good!

Day 5 done. Another hangry day, but look at that- I survived. The nice thing is that I’m getting really filled up at dinner after just having shakes all day.

Tomorrow will be the real challenge…my coworkers are taking me out to a beer garden after work to celebrate my last day at this job before I start my new one on Monday. I may eat my HSM before going there so I’m not as tempted to snack and drink beer. Wish me luck!

Ok so I totally drank yesterday. And ate popcorn. And guacamole. Honestly, it was a crazy week with a ton of emotions, personally and professionally (tears may have been involved), and I caved.
But here’s what I am getting better at: Instead of saying, “oh well I had 3 drinks and some junk food yesterday so I’ll just say ‘screw it’ to this whole thing and/or ‘I’ll start again Sunday’”, I bounced right back today, forgave myself for the booze and bingeing (and 2lb weight gain), and moved on. So while I may add some extra time to the V Diet, I’m not very upset or feeling like a failure. I’ll simply acknowledge it, move on, and make up for it with hard work and some extra NEPA (and a smaller HSM tonight).

We got this, right?

This is a great post. Despite stumbling you were kind to yourself and just got right back on track. That is awesome. We totally got this!

Congrats @Sekhmet for your strength to get back on track! We all have our days, don’t we? Especially with you going through a divorce and having the stress of you doctoral studies, that’s amazing to say the least!

I’m going right along with you except this is my first time doing the Velocity plan. I’ve done other extremely strict plans though so I’m not a stranger to deprivation. One thing that is already helping me is I tried the Biotest Brain Candy shots. Now, I know they are not marketed as an appetite suppressant, but in my case not only was I revved up and on my game mentally, but the Brain Candy quelled my appetite in a BIG way! I was really surprised.

Feel free to chime in on my journey “PamRocky’s Velocity Journey” thread. Believe me, I need all the support I can get! LOL And I’ve got a quite a ways more to go on my journey. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, but I’m taking it one meal and one workout at a time. :smiley:

Well, that was an interesting week. After a solid week of complete shenanigans, during which I completely dropped off/wasn’t home, I’m back! Basically starting all over again. Sigh. Back on track today, and got a good 4 miles of walking in.

Life happens. The good thing is there’s always a chance to go back and attack it again.

So how’s it been going?

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