Starting V-Diet on Monday, Will Log Here

Any tips? I’m excited but also really nervous.

Don’t quit! Work the plan and the plan works. Stay thirsty my friend. I start Monday too!

Awesome! Keep me posted on how its going for you :slight_smile:

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Day 1

Done! It wasn’t too bad. After reading more about velocity vs psmf, I think that I’ll continue the velocity diet basically until I run out of supplements and then switch over! I got pretty hungry this afternoon but powered through it. I saved one of my shakes for right before bed and that really helps with the hunger too.

02/23 - 220lbs

Day 2

Its 4pm on day 2 and wow today was a lot more difficult, definitely have some fog in my brain lol I think that one of the biggest benefits of this diet is the self discipline that is developed. If I can stick with this, my self discipline will have improved a ridiculous amount. Only down a pound from yesterday so I’m not shedding the water weight as quickly as I thought that I would.

02/22 - 220lbs
02/23 - 219lbs

Day 2 for me too. I also have the brain fog. I for some reason, am craving pizza. We have got to stay strong. 26 more days to go!

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