Starting V-Diet Next Week-W/O Questions?

So my brother tried the V-Diet and couldn’t handle the shakes. They actually made him sick, i.e. he couldn’t keep them down. Instead of waisting all his supplies he is selling them to me at a discounted rate. Lucky me.

I did the V-Diet about 2 years ago and lost about 20lbs and mostly kept it off. But at that time I was in college and had gym access. I have continued to try and eat healthy and have lost more weight by that routine and my job as a construction laborer.

My goals are slightly different than most on here I suspect. For now I need to lose the fat and get my running/pushups/situps in order to pass physical tests for law enforcement job, or military.

I started at 280lbs the first V-Diet at 5’10". Now I am 205lbs, So I have come a long way.
But I need to make a 1.5 mile run in under 12 minutes, and be able to do the pushups and situps.

So is it acceptable to do my timed 1.5 mile run 4 times a week supplemented by situps/ pushups/ pullups for a workout? Mile 1.5 is about 13:30 right now.

You’ll be amazed (or maybe not) how much times will improve just by losing excess fat, no training for the run required. However, if you must do it, then replace the V-Burn with the runs. All I can tell you about the rest of your plan is this: it’s a risk because it deviates from what we know works very, very well.

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