Starting V-Diet Minus HOT-ROX

Day 1.
i weighed in at 239-240 pounds on my gyms scale
i bought all the required Biotest products: Metabolic Drive, Surge, Superfood, and Flameout.
i weighed in at 239-240 pounds on my gyms scale and i’m 6’4

i’ll post pics later.

i don’t feel the need to say what i did since the diet pretty much lays out exactly what i should do and i’m following it the way its prescribed. i look forward to those white hot protein shits as well as the fat loss. i’m hoping to lose 20lbs of fat, i don’t know how realistic that is but its a goal. I skipped the HOT-ROX and hope i still maintain my strength and as much LBM as possible.

the shakes are ok
Surge chocolate tastes pretty good actually.

single leg press 3x3 260lbs per leg
standing press 3x3 155lbs
deadlift 3x3 475lbs
row 3x3 185lbs

i also walk to the gym from my house its probably a mile
and during my breaks and lunches at work i’m taking walks around the building and doing a set of 8 pullups on a tree as well

i hope to get some insite from you who have passed before me as well.

im looking forward also to this peanut butter shake, i really like peanut butter

day 2

got all 5 shakes and pills like planned
i bought a multivitamin
i walked for an hour for that extra exercise

i really started craving solid food, taco bell, pizza, lasagna, new york strip, burgers… and watermelon as usual

Hell yeah, man. It’s gonna be tough with the food cravings. In 4-5 days, your body is going to get used to the diet, and you’re actually gonna have a lot of energy (at least I am right now). I saw a bag of chips layin around my house today, and the only thing that kept me from mowin down the bag is how well I’ve been feeling and actually having a noticeable amount of fat coming off of me.

Good luck!

hey thanks for the words dude, i’m about to head to the gym again, i have some really bad food habits, so thats probably the best improvement i’m looking to get from this. i’ll check in later.

the pb shakes are pretty good.

i’ll post the shitty pre pics when i do my nightly check in

so i didn’t check in last night, i passed out after training… and after watching movies. i missed a shake, the delicious pb one so thats going to screw something up but i’m on top of it today

i need to walk for an hour again since its halloween i might just walk around with my sledgehammer and a mask for an hour, probably not
i guess i need to put the pics on a host site to post em so i’ll figure that out now

and i think i’m starting to see some body composition changes, maybe

i know i could have rotated them, they were fine when i took them on my phone but its done now…

i don’t know what i’m going to do, my friend is driving over later and i’m sure he’s going to want to go eat and its halloween so my friends will want to drag me out and go to a party… maybe i’ll just pick up smoking and do that instead of drinking…

i’ll figure it out, i spent 5 hundo on this stuff so i’m not going to waste it…

and yes i scar pretty badly, i like to think of it as my body healing itself stronger than it was before, i don’t have all my organs, but i guess i don’t need them…

What happened?

lol so someone actually reads this, well everyone got drunk and i made food i didn’t eat.

this is me checking in.
i think i’m starting to notice some change, i went to try a shirt on and conveniently those changing rooms have overhead lighting so i can see my abs which is cool.

i told everyone my plan so they’ll leave me alone when it comes to food. i have room mates, i think now they will slightly resent me but i havent gotten any “you don’t need to lose weight” comments yet

thanks for asking, i’ll continue to update this then… daily probably

oh yeah half my room mates are obese so thats why i said that…

I absolutely cannot stand those, “Oh man, you don’t need to lose weight bro” comments. STFU, busy trying to make myself look better regardless of the insecurities you have!

yep exactly that, i decided also to just make everything simple i would prebag all my shakes which is taking way longer than expected. this way i can just grab 5 baggies and put them in my bag the night before so i can just get out the door and i can just mix the shake right away.

this way i don’t have weird spacing as well.

gonna deadlift 495 tomorrow

i also image the solid meals need to be worked up to as well, i was thinking about getting a small juicy steak but i don’t want my stomach to get upset from such an abrupt transition. thats probably another benefit of this diet, you’ll probably get sick from eating fast food or binging…

until tomorrow…

i’m not sure but i might be losing strength i was planning on deadlifting 405 for 3 sets of 3 but after my first set i felt out of gas and 3 reps that heavy felt unlikely so i called it for safety sake.

i was hoping if i rested enough and had enough protein i could still gain

beijing express general tsos’ chicken with an extra order of rice
jimmy john’s
papa john’s

i don’t think i’m even hungry i just have been craving this food

a protein shake exploded out the top of my bottle for the first time this morning so i missed out on a bit of my snack.

i feel lighter

Yeah man, I’m heading into my 4th week soon and it doesn’t get much easier.

It becomes easier to try to rationalize eating poorly when it gets closer to the end and you’ve been doing so well, but it gets easier to resist food, since it’s been an ongoing thing for weeks and you’ve had practice.

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