Starting V-Diet June 16th

Alright I’ll post some my stats later on tonight. I should of taken them before today but oh well.
I realize this is only day one and this could become significantly worse as time goes on. Maybe it was just my enthusiam to start this finally but I felt great today. After downing shakes I’d feel like shit for an hour and then feel normal.

I don’t know if thats exactly how its suppose to feel but after reading many other logs it seems normal for the first few days. Now I felt so full after some of the shakes that I could barely put the next one down after three hours. Hell I’m struggling to put #6 down tonight I feel so full and so good.

This is also the first time I’ve been on so many stimulants. I’m mostly refering to the quanity of HOT-ROX and first time on a test booster. I’m taking 2 in hte morning and 2 around 4:30pm. The advanced workout was probably one of the best work outs I’ve had in a while. I was bursting with energy. I think alot of it came from the HOT-ROX and a huge placebo effect from the test boosters (I was so psyched about taking them that I was able to push myself to new limits even though they havn’t had time to take an affect).

Like everyone else my Flameout is on back order so I’ve had to substitute it for another fish oil in the mean time. I have yet to buy some extra CLA but I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

All my friends have told me I’m insane, but it only feeds my fuel that keeps me on this diet. My mom is actually alright with it for now and seems like she has complete trust in me. My dad on the other hand is about to disown me but we havn’t been able to get along for the last 5 years so its no biggie.
Well I’m gonna go take my stats down soon and get back to you all. All feedback and encouragement will be welcomed.
I’ll get pictures up soon.

Regards the “friends” read the Gus physique thread bit about the V-Diet Friends, I think its Page 3. Luckily for me I will be on placement in an empty whilst my housemates go on holiday.

Good luck though!

PS Why are you taking a test booster?

To be Honest Echelon101, I don’t know. I read it on Gus’s page or the headquarters one. I’m only 19 so I think its way way to early to be taking one but I figure its just more muscle insurance and might keep me from failing. Not that I feel I’m going to fail.

Alright so now friends at work have a Fail board. It has a marker for every 3 days I’m on the diet and when they think I’ll fail. I consistantly tell them I won’t fail but no one thinks I’ll make it past week two. They’re taking bets which gives me more drive to stay on it lol…

Anyone have an idea on how long till your stomach starts to shrink? maybe that doesnt happen at all but I would assume it does since there isn’t much taking up physical space.

No offense but it sounds like you might need new friends. But I know the feeling. The first time I did this people at work thought I was crazy too but luckily I was the boss so they didn’t give me too much crap. But regardless, just stick with it and prove them wrong.

I would also agree that you probably don’t need the Test booster. I think that started with Dan John since he is in his 40’s. Gus took it because he was 36 and I’m taking it because I’m 39 and want the insurance since I’m on a low calorie diet. But at 19 it’s pretty doubtful that you need it. I don’t think it will be detrimental, just not necessary. If you are just looking for muscle insurance, I’d go with BCAA instead.

No idea about the stomach actually shrinking but I can tell you that by the 3rd or 4th week you will feel like you could do this for another month.

Glad it’s going well for you and keep posting. I’m on day 2 right now as well so we’re in this together…lol.

LoL, last night was even more hilarious. I work as a stocker at a restaraunt part time. One of the cooks overheard me talking to a server about the diet. The guy seemed like he was about to wanted to start a physical fight over it. He got to be pretty ignorent at the end about the whole thing, and how the body actually works. I’m not claiming to know everything but this guy was.

So I figured I’d break down his ego a little and asked him a few question to just to see if he knew anything about insulin sensitivity or the Thermic food index thing. He dodged answering most questions like that. His main response was always about cardio for an hour +. That started to get old real fast especially when he started to say lifting weights wouldn’t help burn fat.

Day two went surprising well. Was never actually to hungry but would be happier if I could take a normal crap. I’m sure its coming.
As for the advice on the T-boosters thanks for the input, when I’m done with this bottle, which will only last around 13 days I will be sure not to order anymore. I thought about it from same stand point as you not really thinking I should take it this young but it was part of the diet. I realized that the amout of fat I was actually intaking wasnt very high so it also supported my decision to take it even though I still thought against it.
I’m really excited about work out number 2, the first one wasn’t very difficult but now I’m definitly starting to feel less energetic.

I have a few questions now I was wondering if some V-Diet vets could answer.

  1. How long till I am carb depleted? did it already happen after day 1? I would think so but I really don’t know if it happens that quick.

  2. I don’t feel to sluggish but when it comes to something that demands more energy such as the coming workout or running several flights of stairs should I expect a much longer recovery time? (not running, but I carry a ton of dishes up and down the stairs all night)

  3. Did anyones lifts drop in weight for the first few days till they got use to it?

Thanks for support

How much fiber are you getting per day and where is it coming from? The first time I did this I got all my fiber from milled flax seeds by adding it to my shakes. I think I went all 28 days and never had a solid crap; that was not fun and to be honest I really looked forward to being able to have a solid movement. But this time I am taking 4 Tbsp of flax meal per day and then getting 6 grams of fiber from Fiber Choice tablets for a total of 24 grams of fiber per day (recommended to get around 25). And the best news is that I’m on day 3 right now and I just took a solid crap! I don’t know if it’s because I’m only on day 3 or from the Fiber Choice but if it keeps up I’ll be very happy.

Regarding your other questions, I’m not sure if you ever get totally carb depleted (in ketosis) because you should be taking in about 50 grams on non-lifting days and 100 on lifting days and I don’t know if that is few enough to do it. But on an Atkins-type diet it typically takes 2-3 days depending on how much exercise you are doing.

The last time I did this I felt sluggish for the first few days but it improves after that. By the time you are finished you will be feeling great and will probably feel like you could go for another month.

My lifts for that first day in the gym were probably lower than what they should have been but I was operating on 2 hours of sleep and I was really exhausted so didn’t know what I could do. But my second day in the gym is today and I plan on going heavier this time.

Alright I’m finally starting to get the Fiber I needed. I have no idea what it is but I have the easiest time resisting real solid food. I’m finally looking things and realizing what they’re worth in nutritional value.

The shakes are fairly easy to put down but I definitly wish I could sink my teeth into some bloody steak. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a small steak and salad on Saturday for the once a week meal.

I wish I had taken pictures to see where I started from on Monday but its sort of late now. I’ll still take them regardless but I would like to use more then the mirrior.

I’ve been checking alot of the other people’s logs and after reviewing alot of the pictures I realized I look at the level these people reach when they are done with half the V-diet ore furthur already.

Another thing is I’m fairly sure I have a ton more muscle mass then most of them do because I started weighing in at 257 pounds. So I guess my question is should I expect the same results since I have more fat burning machinery or since I’m already at a greater level of leanness should I expect less?

On a side note for anyone who is reading this and is planning on doing the V-diet. Get equal amounts of all the flavors. Orange Cream is terrible so I wouldnt get that one but the rest are great. I made the mistake of ordering to few banana (Because I hate normal bananas) and it turned out to be my favorite, so now I’m screwed with a bunch of chocolate (least favorite when i thought it would be my best).

I still have alot of vanilla and strawberry and they taste great when mixed. But now I have a bunch of chocolate which I’m not very thrilled about.

I suppose the best advice I could give on this is order 1 tub of each flavor (including orage cream if you think you can stomach it) and finding which ones you like most and can mix to make new flavors. The results may surprised you and make your V-Diet that much easier.

Alright guys this is freaking me out a little bit but I also sort of expected it.
I started the V-Diet between 258-260 lbs. I’m now down to 235 at the end of week 2.

Thats 25 pounds in 2 weeks when I’ve been following the diet to a T. Is it because I have so much more muscle mass then most? I mean this is pretty much the first time I’ve ate somewhat healthy for longer than a few days. First time I’ve been on a fat burning workout too. I really wish I had kept better track of my results so I could of posted more but I’ve lost lots of belly fat, my ass shrunk, my arms are more defined and my face is slightly thinner…

I have no intentions on quitting and I’m not worried about my health. All I’m looking for is an explanation as to why my results are so much higher than everyone elses…

Hard to say without knowing more about you and/or seeing pictures. Have you taken any of the measurements or are you going by how you look? I would really suggest taking measurements or maybe even picking up a pair of body fat calipers. I got the Accu-measure 3000 for $17 at GNC.

Did you review Gus’ log? He also had a lot of muscle mass to begin with although I don’t think he was as heavy. But off the top of my head I think he lost 16 pounds in the first 2 weeks.

Alright, Finally the diet is over!!!
I’ve lost about 32 pounds and lost next to zero strength, I think I gained some in some lifts. I’m fairly sure all my muscles gained strength minus my chest. I think its the only one that will have really lost any power. Triceps are just as strong but because I was lacking a clever way to increase the weight of my dips I had to just increase the numbers. I know my squats definitly went up because I just kept increasing the weight with the amount of body weight I lost and then a little more. The last workout was probably my most intense and I dam near threw up.

I look a ton more impressive then I did before and if I can keep up half the rate at which this worked I might actually have the six pack in a couple months.

Thanks to everyone for their support, even if your post wasn’t in my thread and was in someone else’s for them I still probably feel it helped me. A big thanks to T-Nation and Chris for designing the diet and all its aspects.

Last question, Although this is still quite a ways off I’m thinking I’ll get a tattoo down my pelvic bone, WHEN it comes out. Now I really think I want to use the addidas slogan “Impossible is nothing” but I was also thinking a modified version where it says “Impossible is just a warm up”. The other thing I was thinking after this diet was maybe “Mediocrity is for pussies.” So fellow T-men I would like to know your thoughts on the phrases and positioning. I know I might hate your answers but please give them anyway. No bullshit please.

Well when you are 80 years old and the RN that is giving you your bath sees a tattoo that says medicrity is for pussies, shes gonna drown your old ass in the tub and say…I guess he wasnt even a mediocre swimmer…hehehe

How about this,tattoos look like shit when your old…I think it would be darling carved on your ass bone…especially after it drops about 6 inches LOL

Have a great day and well done on the V-Diet. I will never do it again… too damn tough for me

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