Starting V-Diet, Current Routine?

I am starting the diet tomorrow 9/23 and want to get your feedback on whether my current exercise regime will be okay with it. Previously I had done the Starting Strength program until I made it to intermediate. After a layoff this summer I am doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program as I like the additional volume and am working my way back up to the weights I was doing previously on Starting Strength. I lift on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.

After lifting on Tuesday and Thursday I go to a boxing class at Title which gives me some nice HIIT and core work. When my schedule frees up I would like to also go to a class on Saturday. I find doing the boxing immediately after lifting on those nights along with only walking on the off days allows me to have a good recovery. I think with the day off on Friday I could mix in a class on Saturday and still be good to go for Sunday night. That would essentially be my V-Burn workout.

The workout at Title is 15 minutes of warm up with things like Jumping Jacks, lunges, high knees, butt kickers and the like. The workout is 8 3 minute rounds punching or kicking with a minute of active recovery in between. After that it is 15 minutes of core with exercises like Planks, side Planks, sit ups, Russian Twists etc.

I know this is not the workout regimen called out in the diet but it is one I am very compliant with. It is also nice to have the social interaction with the HIIT workout. I have a weight room in my basement and lift alone or with my wife there.

Question one is will this suffice for the V-Diet and question two is how I should fuel the days I lift and box. Another serving of Plazma perhaps?


I think you should do the workout that is part of the plan. It’s only 28 days and you may just learn something about yourself doing this routine.

I’m starting the V-Diet on Tuesday 9/29. I received all my sups yesterday. But I’ve been doing the workout this week, mostly to prep for the diet. But I also wanted to get the weights dialed in for the exercises I don’t normally do.

Let me tell you something, these workouts are no joke. The short rest periods are probably a lot shorter than what you’re using now. I think there’s gold in those short rest periods. I have to take a cool shower when I’m done and I’m still sweating an hour later.

If you decide to keep to what you’re currently doing I believe you should significantly shorten the rest periods between sets and exercises. This will allow you to come the closest to the intent of the program as written.

Agree with reply above. For best results, use the workout plan provided.

If you must add in the classes, use half a serving of Plazma.

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