Starting V-Diet, Can I Take Creatine?

Title says it all here. I just ordered the Velocity Diet. Would it be ok to start taking creatine monohydrate at the same time as starting the diet?

Eh, if you were already using it, I’d stay on it, but I probably wouldn’t start creatine when starting the Velocity Diet only because part of the way creatine works is by pulling water into the muscle cells, so it’s not uncommon to gain a few pounds shortly after starting. I know when I recently started back on creatine after cycling off for a while, I gained about 6 pounds on the scale over the course of about two weeks, then it leveled off and I stayed the same.

So you could either start it and just be aware that there’s a chance you won’t see initial movement on the scale (though it’ll pick up again afterwards, and keep tracking measurements/taking progress pics regardless) or you could hold off and introduce creatine after the 28 days. But, again, remember not to freak if/when the scale starts going back up in the short term.

Thanks for the rundown. I’ll hold off on starting until I’ve completed the diet. I’m about a week in and feel great.

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