Starting V-Diet, but Have One Special Occasion

So, I’m about to begin this Velocity Diet. I’ve been following it for the last few years and I’m finally biting the bullet. I plan on running this thing to the T, but I do have one special occasion coming up that I would like to attend, which brings me to my question:

How much will one night of drinks affect the end results of this diet? A girlfriend of mine is having a big celebration and she is pretty much forcing me to attend.

I’m looking for specifics on this. I mean, if I were to lose 25 lbs doing everything perfect, would I compromise a couple of lbs in the end? Or would I destroy the entire program?


[tough love] How about you do the diet or don’t do the diet. Stop looking for justifications or permission to screw it up before you even begin.

If you’re not grown up enough to say “no thanks” to drinks at a party, then the V-Diet is not for you, or you’re just not ready.

Harsh? Maybe. But I’m making a bigger point here. Many people who struggle with weight have issues greater than the inability to choose the right foods. It goes deeper than that. What does it say about you if you’re already planning to mess up the diet?

You will ALWAYS struggle with not only body weight but other life issues if you don’t take control of yourself for once and sack up.

Stop being a wimp. [/tough love]

PS: I didn’t even eat cake on my wedding day, and I’m nothing special. You CAN attend a party and not get shit-faced. For reals.

I was asking a simple question and I was looking for a simple answer, not moral life lessons and psychological “analysis”. The reason I was asking the question was to determine whether or not it would make the diet’s results useless or slightly reduce its total effectiveness. Could you answer that question specifically? Then I could determine whether or not the diet is indeed for me or not.

PS: There was no plan to get shit-faced. I’m not a college kid.

You will lose fat.

You will lose less because you weren’t strict.

You will then gain a lot of it, if not all of it, back because you ruined the taste/craving changes that only occur with strictness and you never solved the underlying issues that make weight loss a struggle.

Sorry if that’s too harsh again. How about this:

“It won’t hurt the fat loss at all! You gotta live a little, am I right? You go, girl!”

You can call me a jerk now. But when you finally achieve the body you want and learn to keep it, you’ll agree that the jerk had a point.

Hah, I don’t think you’re a jerk at all. It amuses me being talked to like a teenager is all. I actually truly appreciate the point you’re trying to get across and what you do here. I was simply looking for a direct answer, which you gave and which makes complete sense.

And the taste/craving changes are a valid point, which I didn’t think about. I appreciate the quick responses and helping me out with what I was trying to understand.

If you decide to give it a go, be sure to keep us posted!

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