Starting V-Diet Begining of September

So, I am starting the V-Diet in the beginning of September. Probable the 2nd of September. Might as well enjoy BBQing on the 1st.

Anyway, so questions on supplementation. For those of you who have done it before…

If you used the “Superfood” did you find that it helped you? Is it worth the 40$ cost for this journey? It doesnt look like it contains any calories, is that correct?

If you took, or take, the Z-12 do you find that it works? How many hours of sleep or time in between taking it and when you have to be up and functional again would you recommend? Did the diet mess with your sleep patterns at all?

Last question… I probable missed the answer in the FAQ type thread, but how are you spacing out the Shakes? I would need 10 servings a day (+1 Surge on my lifting days). What have people found worked best for them? I was thinking 2 scoops (so 2 servings) as breakfast, lunch and dinner. With 1 scoop in between breakfast and lunch; between lunch and dinner; and between dinner and sleep. So that leaves me with 1 serving left. Should I just take that as I see fit through the day? As it is now I have my body trained to want intake of food 6 times a day. For the most part it is healthy, except for on the weekends. Just looking for some suggestions.

Okay I lied, one more question (seriously this time)… I currently take Glucosamine and Chondroitin with MSM. 2 pills a day (in the morning). Does anyone think this will conflict with anything? I must say, that I feel a HUGE difference in the comfort level in my knees when I take this. Damn me and my arthritis! I am to young (age = 26) to have bad arthritis in my knee!

Thanks for your help!!!


I too will be starting on Spet 1st. I am going to try to start then as I am not planning any BBQ at this time.

To anwser a coupl question, I was in doubt at first about the Superfood, but I have been taking 1 scoop only at after breakfast when I take my other vitamins. I have really noticed a big change in my nails. - growing fast. I think the other benefits for me are hidden. But to stretch the cost, I do only one scoop daily.

Regards the Chondrotin/MSM combo, I have been taking MSM for years and haven’t stopped and won’t stop during the V-Diet, I don’t think it is necessary. Remeber though that the Flameout or Omega 3’s are good for your joints also. So I would take the one you can afford.

I am going to spread shakes throughout with 6 meals. That sometimes means you will get two scoops or one scoop, depending on your requirements. For me on lifting days, I will have 2 scoops for 1st meal 2 scoops for 2nd meal, 2 scoops for 3rd meal, 2 scoops for 4th meal, 1 scoop for 5th and 6th meal. Just have to combine scoops where needed. For me Surge is quite sweet and I have been using for a couple of months, so I only use one scoop over the 3 scoops recommended. Might have to increase, but will see.

I hope this helps and I’ll be checking in with you and supporting you along. I expect quite a journey and I’ll need all the support I can get and will give all I can give.


Thanks for the input Fitnesslady… I got all of my supplements yesterday and am (sort of) looking forward to this. I guess its hard in a way to think about losing. I am hoping to take the photo’s / and measurements soon. Possibles today, but probable on monday.

Tuesday I should get my order of Superfood, ZMA, and Z-12. Hopefulles with adding them to the diet it will make me healthier and sexier!

I am contemplating getting REZ-V, but any testosterone supps sort of scare me. I guess they shouldn’t though.

I posted my stats today and although not bad to some, scarey for me as I have put on 7 pounds and one to two inches in different areas. I am going to have to break the bad habits I got into since May and for me that is scarey. Been cleaning things up all week, but still had the cravings I get when I get home. I eat very clean throughout day only to blow when I get home.

Obviously the home inviroment is going to have to be one of keeping busy and I have plenty of extra cleaning to do.

I be here rooting for ya. Have a good weekend. Sorry I didn’t catch my spelling errors in my first post. Whoops!


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