Starting V-Diet as Soon as Supps Arrive

I am tired of being in “pretty good” shape. I have more gut flab than I want. I am going to invest my $600 and get on this starting this week. Pics and measurements coming soon.


OK, based on my 252-lb bodyweight, my V-Diet supplies were prescribed as follows:

Flameout Inflammation Scavenger, 90 softgels 2 $59.90

HOT-ROX Extreme, 110 capsules 1 $47.00

L-Leucine, 450 g (15.8 oz) 2 $45.00

Metabolic Drive Low-Carb MRP Flavor: Banana 4 $120.00

Metabolic Drive Low-Carb MRP Flavor: Strawberry 4 $120.00

Metabolic Drive Low-Carb MRP Flavor: Vanilla 5 $150.00

Biotest® Superfood - 140 g (28 servings) 2 $69.00

Surge Post-Workout Recovery Drink, 16 servings Flavor: Original 1 $36.00

Order Total $649.15

Order placed today, should have by Thursday and will start Saturday May 2.

Awesome. Keep us updated!

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