Starting V-Diet 3.0

I’m starting the Velocity Diet 3.0 tomorrow, 09/18/09. I’m really psyched about doing it. I’ve been looking it over for the past couple of weeks and now have all of the supplements. I’m in Afghanistan so my little hut room is pretty damn packed. I have all of my meal times planned out and I think everything should fall in place.

The only thing left is to just do it.

A couple of quick question:

  1. I plan to take ArgiLean from Labrada with the program. Is this a good idea? I thought since it’s for pump and hardness that it might be good to add.

  2. Also, is it ok to drink water with the flavor packets (zero calories) occasionally?


Please explain me. I though that you guys overseas didn’t eat that much so ain’t the food they serve enough to make you loose?

As regards to your questions…

#1, ask Chris in this thread Be sure to include the ingredients and what it is for exactly.

#2, flavored water is better than no water. Although they have zero calories, they have sweetener. And sweetener actually make you crave more sweets or just food in general. So you need to elaborate on “occasionally”. Are you thinking once a week or once a day? That makes a difference. I did have a diet coke once when I was at the movies. In my opinion, that was way better than munching on popcorn!

Again, welcome!

Actually we get fed pretty well as long as we are in camp. The guys in Iraq I think are fed better but it’s not bad here.

I was thinking about the flavored water once maybe every few days but I can do with out it.

I am almost finished with day 2 of the plan. My legs are really sore. I made it through day 1 with no problem. Day 2 has been a little difficult though. I’ve been hungry most of the day and I’m not talking about mentally hungry but stomach on the verge of growling, hungry. it’s also given me a mild headache, which is something I normally experience when I don’t eat enough.

I will make it though. I’m sure in the next day or so, I will adjust.

You’ll adjust. One day at a time, man. Enjoy the day!

Well, I’m on day 6 right now. I only have 2 shakes left for the day. I do still get a little hungry but I’m doing okay for the most. I will weigh after the first week is over but I think I may wait and do my measurements after the 2nd week. I think my stomach has lost a little, so we will see.

I’ve been reading some of the other threads. So, is it best if I do go ahead and measure each week?

Yep, measure each week. You want to keep records of your progress even as little as it may be. You don’t have to post your results each week, though.


I just did the VBurn. Normally I wouldn’t admit this, but I only did 3 circuits. But it was great. I had to stop before I passed out or puked or both. That is one intense workout. I had my heart rate monitor on and my heart rate went out way of my zone and I was burning calories about twice as fast as any other cardio I have EVER done. Unbelievable. I will be keeping this program even after I finish the diet.

I am at Day 8. So, today is the start of week 2. Week 1 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, not bad at all actually. I did my weigh in and measurements this morning and was shocked.

I lost 11 lbs. in the very first week. I started at 187 and am at 176 now. I’m only 5’5 so that is a big drop for me. I haven’t weight 176 in a while. My best change was the 1 1/2 inches I lost around my Abs (at the navel). I lost a total of 2 13/16 inches, over my whole body.

It’s a great start.

Keep going! :slight_smile:

Great week 1! Keep it up!


I did the VBurn yesterday. This was the 2nd time. I still can only do 3 circuits. But I did manage to knock over 6 minutes off of the time of those 3 circuits.

This is the end of week 2 so, tomorrow I weigh and measure again. I expect nothing like the first week but will be really happy if I drop 3 or so more pounds.

This week has been a little tough. Work has picked up and as a result I have been getting physically hungry but have stayed true.

Well, it wasn’t the 2nd week results that I expected. I had zero change in body weight. I’m trying to not get discouraged because I read on one of the other forums to not focus too much on the scales. There was also no change in my waist and abs measurement but I’m still pretty happy with their first week changes. I had a few minor measurement changes:

My total body loss is 4 13/16 inches up to this point and 11 lbs. So I am pretty happy with the results.

I’m still hanging in there. I’m tired of drinking shakes but I’m still sticking to it. I’m ready for the transition phase so I can eat 1 meal per day.

I just finished week number 3. I only lost 1 lb. I seemed to have plateaued at the first week.

Stay strong! We are all rooting for you!

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