Starting V-Diet 11/18

I started the v-diet yesterday, and my 1st intermediate workout is in the books. I’m 45 yrs old, and would like to lean out a bit and break some of my bad nutrition habits.

weight: 171.6 lbs
chest: 39 in
waist: 35.1 (3 spot avg)
arm: 14 in
leg: 21.5 in
calf: 13.5 in

Morning of 11/22. weighed in at 167.6. I’m assuming a good portion of those 4 lbs lost is water weight. Even though the shakes keep me fairly full, I’m really craving my chicken wings and beer :slight_smile:

What’s up, man. How’s things going? Still at it?

Yes sir! half way through. the diet at times is challenging but totally manageable.

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Good stuff. Just checking because it was like, “I’m really craving my chicken wings and beer” and then no posts. :grimacing:

Keep going, you’re almost done. Try to toss up some “after” measurements when you’re through.

12-16. final measurements:
weight 162.2 - 9.4 lbs
chest 38 -1 inch
arm 14 no change
waist 30 -5 inches

5 inches off the waist, awesome! Great job!

Nice results, how was your post diet transition? What are your measurements now?

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