Starting V-Diet 11/18


I started the v-diet yesterday, and my 1st intermediate workout is in the books. I’m 45 yrs old, and would like to lean out a bit and break some of my bad nutrition habits.

weight: 171.6 lbs
chest: 39 in
waist: 35.1 (3 spot avg)
arm: 14 in
leg: 21.5 in
calf: 13.5 in


Morning of 11/22. weighed in at 167.6. I’m assuming a good portion of those 4 lbs lost is water weight. Even though the shakes keep me fairly full, I’m really craving my chicken wings and beer :slight_smile:


What’s up, man. How’s things going? Still at it?


Yes sir! half way through. the diet at times is challenging but totally manageable.


Good stuff. Just checking because it was like, “I’m really craving my chicken wings and beer” and then no posts. :grimacing:

Keep going, you’re almost done. Try to toss up some “after” measurements when you’re through.


12-16. final measurements:
weight 162.2 - 9.4 lbs
chest 38 -1 inch
arm 14 no change
waist 30 -5 inches


5 inches off the waist, awesome! Great job!


Nice results, how was your post diet transition? What are your measurements now?