Starting Tomorrow


Time to lose the weight that’s accumulated over law school and the last few months. I start tomorrow!

A little about me:

I’m 26 years old and a recently graduated law student. I used to be an athlete and competed in high school and college (not varsity, but club) in gymnastics. I wasn’t a tumbler; I focused mainly on rings and got pretty strong during my time. I had to largely quit after a shoulder injury and I had to rehab to be able to lift again. I use low rings from time to time to give myself the feel of that sort of athleticism, but my shoulder is good enough to push myself in the gym. However, when I reached law school, I found myself falling into bad habits of sitting and snacking while taking care of my work. I couldn’t hit the gym as often as I wanted to nor was my diet anywhere near where it should have been.

So I picked up some bad habits, and now the summer has hit and I’ve started studying for the bar. It’s a solid two months to study for the test, and it’s my only commitment this summer until work starts up in the fall. I figured now would be a great time to start the diet and regain the good eating habits I used to have, along with losing weight and reorienting myself as I enter a profession famous for sedentary lifestyles. I hope to avoid the trend.

Here are the vital stats as I begin:

Height - 5’03
Weight - 175 lbs


Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 52
Upper Chest: 45
Lower Chest: 46
Waist (Navel): 36
Waist (Largest): 37
Hips (largest): 39
Arm (L): 16.5
Arm ®: 16.5
Upper Leg (L): 24
Upper Leg ®: 24
Lower Leg (L): 15.5
Lower Leg ®: 15.5

Any support is appreciated. Let’s do this thing.

Workout Sets

Good luck. We will be following.




Whoops - actual front.




Good luck on the diet! I’m doing it as well so I’m here to help support!


Lots of muscle under there. You’ll make a great “after”!

Keep us posted!


Good luck, here to follow along and support you!


All right, mid-day report!

I’ve had the first two shakes of the day with the snack coming at about 3:00. The first shake was very, very satisfying. I don’t know whether it was the flax or the extra fiber, but I wasn’t hungry at all until it was time to have the second shake.

I just got in from my walk, and walking with a couple of textbooks on your back makes things a bit harder. I got through it fine, though, and I think that I’ll find the walks enjoyable as well as worthwhile.

Chris, a quick question. When I go places, I walk. I walk to school, walk to the gym, etc. The walk from my place to school is a good 20 minutes, and from my school to the gym (which is the route I’ll be taking most often) is about 30 minutes. I try to keep a good pace. What effect, if any, will this have on the daily walks? Should I do one even if I walk to the gym and back, or is that sufficient for the diet?

Thanks for the support to all who posted, and I’ll update again tonight.


It’s about 8:00 PM and I am hungry. Very hungry. Can’t wait for that last shake of the day.


I had the same experience 2nd or 3rd day into the program. Keep strong! I just had my first HSM this evening. I thought I would enjoy it more, but it was OK. I did enjoy it, but it wasn’t all that. Hmmm… wonder why? Perhaps the diet is already changing my taste-buds.


Well, one day down. The last shake really made my night. I think the fat and salt in the peanut butter helps when you haven’t had salt pretty much all day.

I start the V-Burn tomorrow, and since the advanced sequence uses handstand push ups (which I love), I think I’ll do that.

If you want to see the diet I used today, just type in “male” for gender and “175” for weight. I’m sticking to that all week until Saturday, when I get my first healthy solid meal. Looking forward to it.

Psychologically, I’m fine after one day. I know it’s only the first day, but I am already anticipating the results after 28 days!

Next update tomorrow around noontime.


Guess I’ll be a little early.

For anyone who wants to make breakfast seem more like, well, breakfast, while on this diet, maple extract with the vanilla and banana creme makes the shake seem like banana pancakes. If you’ve ever been to Pamela’s in Pittsburgh, you know what I’m talking about.

Long day of study ahead. Contracts will be the death of me.


Mid-day update:

I just got in from my walk, which is definitely different if you haven’t had a ton of carbs in a day or so. It went for about an hour, and luckily where I am is very hilly, so the inclines were challenging. As Chris said, you can’t overtrain the NEPA walks!

Second shake was great, and I feel pretty full. We’ll see how I am later on.

Later today, when I take a study break, I’m going to do the advanced V-Burn and see how it is. As with many things, it looks easier said than done. I’ll post my time later today and then try to beat that when I do it in the next few weeks.

Psychologically, I’m good so far. I’m sure that I’ll be hungry later on like I was yesterday, but this is the crunch period. If I hold out and dig through it now, it’ll be easier later.


Day 2 is in the books.

All eating went fine, although after song the V-burn challenge, I was feeling pretty drained. I toughed it out, though, and speaking of the V-challenge…

I started with the advanced program. Boy, was that a mistake and a humbling experience. By round 3, I was pretty gassed and knew that I wasn’t going to be able to complete the 7 circuits required. I lowered the intensity to intermediate, and I was able to get through the remaining 4 sets. However, I was breathing pretty hard and needed a few minutes to orient myself back to the world. I think I got through it all in about 15-20 minutes. Stopwatch needed next time.

Majorly humbling experience, and it definitely is harder than it looks. Time to put aside the pride and realize that no matter how good of an athlete I once was, I’m no longer what I was back in the day. But this is what it’s all about - the sublimation of the ego in favor of the greater collective goal. Instead of moping about not completing the advanced challenge, I adjusted and completed the rest of the workout. I feel like this sort of mentality will be helpful in these formative stages, as I’m determining what my capabilities will be on a calorie restricted diet.

Today could have been a setback, but as with all things in life, the correct perspective makes all the difference.

First heavy lifting day tomorrow. I’m interested in what effect the Surge will have on my overall bearing for the day. Looking forward to it!


Morning update:

Disastrous! I woke up and took two HRX and felt miserable and nauseous about an hour later. I couldn’t even keep down the first shake. Lesson learned: fewer HRX! I’ll be keeping it to one in the morning and one mid-day from now on.

Training will commence at about 1:00 PM. Hopefully the extra calories from the Surge will make up for the loss of calories this morning.


Looks like things are going well! I’m starting my V-Diet today and I’m curious you mentioned snacks and adding maple syrup to your shakes…I didn’t think you could do that on the V-Diet.



Not maple syrup, but sugar free maple extract. The extract doesn’t have all of the calories/sugar that the syrup does. In fact, it has none of the above. The diet mentions that sugar free extracts are a good way to add different flavors to the shakes so you don’t get tired of the same old thing.

If I ever mention “snack”, it’s in reference to the third meal, which the diet plan references as a “snack”. I certainly am not eating solid food snacks while on the diet.

Thanks for the vigilance, though!


no problem…

btw, are you studying for the bar right now? What state?


Yeah, studying for the PA bar right now.