Starting Tomorrow. Nervous


i am starting tomorrow, and im nervous.
here is why, i have never been able to lose fat, and this was expensive.
so im tryin something extreme, this diet, and trying the training program.
also, about 8 weeks ago, i broke some ribs, havent really been in the weight room since…
i started running, and got a stress fracture in my foot, i say its because im too heavy to be running 4 and 5 miles a day, but idk.
im 210, and have been as heavy as 250. im 5’9"
i bench right around 340, but im sure my strength as this moment is more like 300 or less due to no lifting for 8 weeks.
ill get some pics up soon… pretty sure im around 20 percent bf. i want to cut that in half…

how important is it to lift at the same time of day??
my schedule is unpredictable…
im nervous, but i am very excited to attack this challenge with everything i have.
i will need some motivation and support, considering that everybody around me thinks im crazy, and nobody around me is very healthy.


I am also starting tomorrow and I am recovering from a lower back strain. I am a little nervous as well, but I am excited too.

As far as training, I don’t think it matters when you train. You may find you prefer one time over another and thats fine. I wait tables so sometimes I train in the late morning and other times I train at midnight. I just get it done.

Good luck man, keep us updated.


Stick with it. It does work. I am on day 15 today and am down 10 lbs. from 184 to 174. You will have more energy than you know what to do with. Although this seems drastic to the uneducated it is a very healthy diet. Good luck


i wouldn’t stress when you trained so much, just have the surge at the end of your workout, wait an hour, then back to the shake program. getting the NEPA in before your first shake of the morning makes a big difference, as you’ll be using fat for fuel instead of your breakfast shake!
don’t be nervous, just do it. it’ll be second nature real quick, and be over faster than you expect


Awesome! thanks for the advice!
i weighed in this morning at 208lbs, going for my NEPA now.
im excited, HERE WE GO!


also, i dont have flaxseed, or nut butter, is this a issue?
can i sub anything?
what are the fiber things they ask for?
and when do i take the HOT-ROX?


[quote]driftingbamafan wrote:
also, i dont have flaxseed, or nut butter, is this a issue?
can i sub anything?
what are the fiber things they ask for?
and when do i take the HOT-ROX?[/quote]

Take the Hot-Rox as directed on the label. I think you take them when you wake up on an empty stomach.

You will need to get both flax seed and an all natural nut butter. You may also want to get some fiber pills as they can help you feel more full if you are hungry and they can add a little more fiber to the diet. You can get these at almost any grocery store or Whole Foods type store.


day one is almost over.
i only took one HOT-ROX.
hunger was a minor problem, i wasnt as hungry as i though i would be, however, i have one hell of a headache right now.
i will drink more water tomorrow to try and compensate for that, see what happens.
i dont like the raz flavor i picked for Surge.
oh well, nbd.
i chose to do the intermedeate level training program, seeing as i have been out of the weight room for a little more than a month with broken ribs, and also, i know i am only 3 years in with real experience.
i found it to be kinda easy, so next week i may change to the advanced based on how the rest of this week goes.
today went as follows:
front squat - 185lbs: 5 reps - 205lbs: 4, 4, 4, 3
i have not front squated since high school (6years ago) so the form was a little tough for me, and my wrist flexability was an issue - had to cross my arms, and that made it more difficult. hopefully ill get the hang of it soon so i can load up a bit more.

reverse-grip lat pull - #14: 5 reps - #15: 5, 4, 3, 3
with my rib injury i had alot of back pain, felt good today though, i would say im at 90-95% recovered.

dumbell bench - 95lbs: 5,5,5,3,2
felt good, i had to work my way up, 75, 85, was too easy, so i got to 95 and it was right - next week i will start with 100lbs.

ab wheel - 7, 4, 5, 4
this one was tough, mostly in my lower back.

i did my NEPA right after weight training, only 30min - hoping tomorrow i can get up early and get it done before work.


another question… maybe i havent read everything well enough, idk -
when do i get my one meal a week?


saturday or sunday, just split up the v-burn workout and the meal and you’ll be right. most tend to do the v-burn on saturday and then have a meal on sunday, but if scheduling/ family commitments/ work get in the way, the inverse will work just fine. keep up the good work!


thanks triskele!
i just finished a fasting NEPA at the gym, 1 hr at 4mph on a incline of 12. feels good. took 1 HOT-ROX before hand - cup of coffee after to curve my appetite - is it okay to wait a hour and a half to shake it up after NEPA?
waiting until 9 to take my first shake, works best for scheduling through the rest of the day.

also, would it be acceptable to do some crunches or hanging leg raises right after a AM NEPA?

and i am well aware that soreness isnt a good gage for progress when it comes to weight training, but i feel nothing from yesterday’s lift, tomorrow will be the true test, but the fact that i feel nothing, besides bruising from the bar because of front squat, leaves me dissatisfied…
would it be acceptable to add some isolation work with the lifts?
or am i just gettin carried away?

the nervousness is gone now, im just raring to go!


also, the changes ill be making is to make sure ill be gettin a full gallon of water today, and instead of tobacco to curve my hunger, im gunna try coffee when idk if i can make it to the next shake.

ohh, i bought allmond butter - all natural, no additives. is that acceptable? i couldnt find anything that just said “nut butter” i have never been in a natural foods store before yesterday. lol


here are some pics from the night before i started… pretty sad.


more pics


i saved the best for last, slightly surprised with this one.

also, weird question, but idc, i have a couple fat deposits on my back, you can even see em in the pics, they are hard, ugly hurt when they get directly hit. haha
question is, is there a way to get rid of them?


sorry, heres that pic


one more


just quickly before i jump out for a walk
-water and coffee are great staples for the v-diet
-you got a perfect nut butter - i think 2 tbs or an ounce should equate to 210kcalories, but got by the jar & weight to be sure
-waiting an hour and a half after your nepa before you have a shake is totally fine
-the workouts should get tougher & tougher week by week due to the decreasing rest time. that said, the first week kicked me in the dick, as i was used to taking a couple of minutes between reps of 5, not 30 seconds. chris recommended throwing in some extra nepa at the end of a workout if you’re not spent, but some light isolation/ ab/ bodyweight stuff will be pretty equivocal. don’t do anything major, as you don’t have enough food coming in to bounce back from big workouts, but minor shit should be fine
-you look like you’ve got a bunch of strength, going by your photos and your workout. you’re going to have a great run on the program.

all the best!


thanks man! - yeah, all i have been able to do for the past 3 weeks or so is cardio because of the injury. so the rest wasnt too much of a issue.
i gained 5lbs after i got hurt, while doing cardio, so all i lost was muscle mass… so frustrating.
and good! im kinda biting at the bit to do more… ill do some of that iso work and prolly abbs too. i work a manual labor job, and im just active anyway, playin sports and such, so the additional NEPA stuff just happens anyway.

thanks man!


so, i just finished my NEPA, it was tough today, mostly because im having shoe issues.
this new pair i bought, New Balance, suck. give me blisters.
i also had a iced tea last night, and put lemon in it… just not thinking…
probably not a big deal, but none-the-less, im a all or nothing kinda guy, so i was a lil disappointed in doing that.

is cinnamon a okay spice to add to a shake? cause i did that too, it was delicious.

on the plus side, i couldnt resist the scale today at the gym. 203lbs. down 5lbs already at the begining of day 3! - im sure thats kinda just a shock factor to my body, a big inicial loss that will curve off, so im preparing to be dissappointed at my next weigh-in.
but still, after a discouraging NEPA, that was awesome to see!
and i still got to enjoy the sun-rise that God gave us this morning out the window of the gym.

weighing 203 is scary to me, but thats what makes it exciting! ive always been in some sort of shape, physical and active as i am, but i havent been below 200lbs since the 7th grade. ive always had a Mark Ripatoe approach, no one cares that you have a 6pack if youre a 160lb weakling. lol
so every time i got close to 200, i would freak out, eat more, and lift heavier.
but now im tired of always having a gut.
and i need a new challenge i suppose.
just lifting heavy i hadnt had any real gains for over a year now, and im not quite ready for what i know would push me through those plateaus. morally or finacially.
im also a restless person who needs something new all the time. been looking for the next thing in life, and for whatever reason, my life seems to mirror what i do in the gym, i think it more mental, when i employ discipline and passion and drive in the gym, it seeps over into my personal life as well as my spiritual life. however, even just appreciating simple things, like the sunrise this morning - normally i wouldnt have been conscious to experience that, but, since i was disciplined enough to get up and do something positive, God graced me some beauty that He created…
anywayzzz - i didnt mean to blog blog blog, just my thoughts as i am still gettin my feet wet on the journey of Velocity. lol