Starting Tomorrow, Exercise During Quarantine

I will be starting the V Diet tomorrow and I have a small home gym. Some of the exercises I will not be able to do because of lack of equipment. Is there a problem if I modify the exercises to what I have available to me?

Shouldn’t be a problem at all as long as you keep to the spirit of the program and sub-in appropriate alternatives.

Anything particular you need to swap out?

For example, with the dead lifts and front squats. I don’t have a bar or rack at home and with the gyms being closed, I only have limited dumbbells. Therefore on some of the days when you recommend I do weight where I would slow down around 8-9 reps, I don’t have heavy enough dumbbells to slow down until 15-20 reps. Would you recommend I wait to start this training program until I get back into the gym or should I just increase my rep count for some exercises?

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