Starting Today! 4-17-2017

Got my diet supplies on Saturday. The diet plan came with a funnel and mixing bottle as well! Very cool! I also ordered HotRox, Indigo 3G and Alpha Male. I have most of my weights dialed in for the new workout Im using so fired up for sure! Seriously motivated. I would love to drop 20 lbs of fat! I will try and place some before pics today or this eve.

Neck 17"
Bicep Right 15"
Bicep Left 15"
Forearm Right 13"
Forearm Left 12.5"
Upper Waist 42"
Mid Waist 42.5"
Lower Waist 39.5"
Quads 26.5" Right
Quads 26.5" Left
Calves 16.25" Right
Calves Left 16.25"
Weight 198.2 LBS
Body Fat (Scale at home) 37.9%

Any thoughts or tips would be awesome. Im planning on pounding it in the gym with a upper/lower split on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday with 60 mins of fat burning cardio on Monday, Wednedsy and Thursday. A bit confused on how I should fit in NEPA and Vburn Challenge with this schedule as well. Also any thoughts on having an HSM for lunch instead of dinner for a day? Or what if you blow it for one day? I have a all you can eat buffet at the “Thurby” horse race in May. Is it bad to blow it for a day or do I need to stay focused and push through. It only cost 300 bucks for the two tickets!! Its my wife’s fault! Wish me luck!! Thanks all! Blessings!

The HSM should be whenever’s most convenient for your schedule, sanity, and lifestyle. As long as you stick to the HSM food choices, the exact timing doesn’t matter when you have it. Just be sure to still have the right number of total shakes per day also.

The plan is only 28 days long to begin with. Messing up one day “shouldn’t” be the end of the world, but going into a short-term plan with an excuse already in hand isn’t really a good look.

100% your call. “All you can eat buffet” is just a name, not a dare. I’d stick to your shake schedule for that day and make as-smart-as-possible choices as the buffet. If things get bad, consider giving your love handles a quick pinch and then thinking if you really want that plate of chicken wings.

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OK, has been not to bad of an experience so far. Taking the supplements on an empty stomach kinda makes me a bit oozy in the gut. Im down 7 lbs in weight. I really look forward to the HSM each eve, I have went over my 700 calories I do believe on one meal and I ate a small bag of popcorn at rural king! It was sooo good and free! How can I pass that up?

Ive been a beast in the gym. Have been drinking the plazma as directed however Im not seeing a pump from the plazma like I was expecting or wanted. However I do feel like the recovery is coming quicker.

My gut does seem to be a bit smaller as well. I currently keep most of my fat store in that area and seems to be hard to get rid of. The shakes taste somewhat ok… Im definetally ready to stop drinking them however. Still 3 weeks to go though and will hopefully drop off another 7 lbs in that week as well!

Blessings everyone!

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